Midnight Love part 1

Hello this is my first quiz please excuse the grammar part 2 will be out tomorrow it's a typical love story please enjoy the quiz it's clean any kissing will be put in opening profile tysvm for ungerstanding

Err yeah first paragraph explains it comp is being held please enter part two out tomorrow please enjoy this quiz x it was just random enjoy C.J Jack Gorge and Sam I'll introduce some others in next few xxxx

Created by: Purrsephone

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  1. Ever tried life , quite funny really don't you agree. You have good days bad days . Well today is your first day at high school with your sister Frankie .
  2. It was all going great until you got splashed by a boy riding a bike . He turned round to apologise but immidietly stopped looking deeply into your eyes he had black hair and brown loving eyes but was waiting black sun glasses meaning you only caught a glimps of them " why my apologies sweet heart" his accent was so DrEAMY and his teeth were as White as the moon " The names C.J how may I romance you?" looking around all the girls were staring at him deeply in love "____ ____ pleasure to meet you "
  3. Just at that moment the bell rang and you parted to go to class . The class was maths you HATED MATHS so so much . But you were next to some one who liked it . "So whats your name " you started conversation " Sam Dent and you a---" he was cut off by the teacher "Mr Dent would you like to tell us what's so important that you had to interrupt us ?? " ( ps. Sam has ginger hair like in a normal cut and black eyes pale skin and freckles) " yes " he replyed "You have a peice of parer celotaped to your back saying NURD" you didn't notice but she did "very funny Mr dent I highly doubt I do a months detention for you" She snapped " but miss he's not lying you do" you butted in " I see you also want a detention meet me at break both of you we will there discuss your punishment ." saved by the bell good or bad..
  4. Next lesson was quite fun P.E or cheerleading for you . You had this cracking cherleading outfit it was black White and pink but quite short skirt . You were doing a flip when you axadentially fell over and badly brused your hip you got taken to the first aid room and put next to a boy called jack. You knew that from seeing pictures in the news paper . Jack was bald and had brown eyes . He was always taken to prison and things . But it was now time for your detention
  5. "Detention miss ____ any reason why your late ?" the teatcher questions " yes mam a cheerleading axerdent " " you won't be late again sit between errm " the room was full " them two" she pointed to C.J and a brown haired boy you didn't know , but hapily you went to sit with them
  6. "hey hottie " the brown haired boy said while twanging your Bra you culd he was. Now blond with blue eyes like yor dream boy but no one notest "now that's no way to treat a lady gorge " C.J whispered with a Sturn look
  7. Detention over all see Me tomorrow " the teacher said sternly you and C.J walked out together Jack Sam and Gorge all met each other and slyly looked at you and C.J luck and the rest of the day flew by C.J offers to walk you home you accepted " so how did a gorges girl like you end up in such a dull nabourhood like this ?" C.J asked " family problems want to come in for a cup of tea ??? " you asked " sure more time with you" he replyed romantically you giggled
  8. C.J came in your kitchen and looked mesmerised . "Nice" he said when one of your sisters friend walked in and droped a tray all over the floor " what do you think your doing back in this village you were bann---" she was cut of " Gabrielle my dear what's wrong " Your broke her heart " "No Gabrielle she broke mine when she died " Gabrielle rolled her eyes " Break _____ heart and I'll break. Your face " she called for Frankie to say C.J was here .
  9. "I think I better leave "C.J said " Don't mind Gabrielle she's always moody she docent know the half of it " Gabrielle know ALOT more than you think sweet cheeks " C.J said flying out the door.you ran up to frankies room it was black with White lightning blots " _____ we need to talk " Just stay out of my business " you ran to your room but you woke up in a different one
  10. Sorry it's bad it's my first ever quiz I'm holding a comp at the end of this quiz make a character the winner will have it starred in part 5 xx c ya later x

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