fate defines us all (story)

This is a story based around a girl called Cassie Mortalis, it is a supernatural drama about a vampire whose parents become mysteriously killed and she is soon to follow in their footsteps. I couldn't get it published so I'm putting it online.

First part in the story, will continue after an amount of people have used it, if enough people do not go on it there is no point in making another one

Created by: bored person
  1. my name is Cassie Mortalis and i am about to say goodbye to my family through death at only 27, this is my story...
  2. it all started when i was young, me and my older bother Jake were hurried into a room by our grandfather, at the time we had no idea what was going on, then after we were let out i suddenly became faced with reality.
  3. As i left the hiding spot and entered the main room, i saw some thing i could never forget, two piles of ashes one behind the other, then it struck me, i had become orphaned. There on the floor were the remains of my parents.
  4. After that day my brother and i were brought up by our grandfather, he looked after us well untill my brother left when he was 18. That was when he went into a state of depression, he'd felt that he hadn't been able to keep his promise to grandmaa, and mum.
  5. when i was 16 i decided to go to a boarding school, to give my grandfather some time to recover. It was the kind of school where you could further your education. While i was there i met Robbert, who soon became a close friend.
  6. Robbert soon beacme my best firend, he understood a lot about my past and was very supporting. His personality is amazing, he always know the right thing to say as if he can read your mind. And it wasn't until we became close that i felt i trusted him enough to tell him i was a vampire.
  7. The moment after i told Robbert what i was i regreted it, i knew i should have waited, waited till later, i shouldn't have done this now. My train of thought got interupted by Robbert's laughter.
  8. At first i was angry, how could he laugh at this, im telling him my deepest secrets and he decides to laugh at me, i was enraged by this. Then i felt somewhat relieved that Robbert had found this funny, i could pass this on as a joke, say it was made up in an attempt to create humour. At last he stopped laughing and told me he wanted to tell me something.
  9. Then as Robbert spoke with his deep yet clear voice he explained to me how he had wanted to tell me somthing important for a while, but i had beat him to it. Upon hearing this i instinctivley went into defence mode, if i had beat him to it he must have known already!
  10. to be continued....

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