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Hey guys, I just want to tell all the Safari love story takers that I have deleted all those quizes because only 7-8 people were taking them. Really sorry but I hope you enjoy this new series.

READ THIS: ok so in the story you were adopted and have been many times. You don't tell the family you stay with that your a wizard because they find out anyway. And this always happens. Got it?!

Created by: FireSoul

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  1. I was standing outside the front door. All I could hear was them shouting, "Go away!" "Don't you dare touch us!" They were truly scared but its not my fault that I am what I am. Its not my fault that I am......a wizard.
  2. I was adopted. I'm used to being kicked around from place to place like an unwanted peice of rubish. I hope this year a wizard family adopts me, not a humman family. So now I am sitting on my suitcase waiting for the Knight bus. Its an emergency bus for any witch or wizard. I prefer to be called a wizard even though I am a witch. I've gotten used to this quirky bus and its very quirky conductor Stan Shunpike.The violently purple bus is pulling up in front of my house."Hello _______. You got kicked out again?" infront of me is Stan. "Yes Stan. You know the usual way. They found my Quiditch broom hovering in mid-air and they called me a demon".
  3. I jump into the bus and find my usual spot but sitting there is a boy, he has messy black hair and green eyes, he is wearing round glasses and is gazing out the window. He has his owl sitting next to him on the second seat. "Um.. hi ,I'm _________ and I was wondering if I could sit on the seat next to you. I can keep your owl on my lap?" Wow, when last was I poliot to someone! "Hi, I'm Harry, Harry Potter and sure", he says giving you a cute smile.
  4. "Thanks", you say sitting next to him. "So... I'm going to the Leaky Couldren, gonna be staying there till school starts. I go to Hogworts, what school do you go to?" Don't be overly confident, you just met the guy! "You go to Hogworts! Wow, I also go there! You know, I can't remember seeing you around. Is this your first year?" "Nah, this is my third year, I was kind of a loner, thats why you've probably never seen me before" "I can't believe I never noticed you! Your too beauti.. I mean too umm... to be unnoticed " Harry looks at you then looks away and blushes.
  5. The atmosphere between you two is soo awkward. You pick up a magazine and on the cover is a picture of a man with dark, dirty hair and pale skin. He reminds you of a vampire. On the bottom of the picture in big words is written, "Wanted: Sirius Black". "Who's Sirius Black?" you ask Harry. "Don't know, he looks like a vampire, doesn't he?" "Hes than a vampire" Stan says apearing out of nowhere. "He escaped out of Azkaban, nobody has escaped out of Azkaban! Hes the first one do it! You better watch out for him, he killed 12 muggles and one wizard with one curse! And after he killed them HE WAS LAUGHING! And he was still laughing when took him to Azkaban!"
  6. The bus suddenly stopped, you stood up, grabbed your things and walked off the bus with Harry. "Hey, I didn't get your name" "I'm ______ " you awenser. "Well, I'll see you later _______" Harry says and walks into the Leaky Couldren.
  7. You walk into the Leaky Couldren and see a red headed boy screaming a girl with brown, bushy hair. "Get that thing away from him Hermione!" you noticed the red headed boy was carrying a rat, "Its a cat Ron! Its insticts tell him Scabbers is food!" you noticed the brown haired girl was carrying a fluffy , ginger cat. You loved cats!
  8. You can hear a little voice in your head screaming "Stand up for the cats, girl!" You walk over to the boy and tell him "Hey! Cats are hunters! Rats are food! Get the picture!" "Girls and cats" he says walking away. "Thanks for standing up for my cat. By the way my names Hermione and my cat is Crookshanks" "Nice meeting you, I'm _____" you say. "Whats the name of that guy who was yelling at you?" "His name is Ron. I have a feeling that were gonna be best friends"
  9. Hey guys! Sorry but cause you did not meet all the guys I did not put them as resaults. Hope you enjoyed!
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