The Choice

You've just started at a new school in a new town your talented at pretty finding yourself among the popular kids Paris, Carrie, Madison, Derik and Cody. who likes you

I this you choose between three boys talented, jock and emo they all like you but you can only choose one of them

Created by: dreamer12

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  1. You just started at White Creek Middle in the 7 grade your stylish and dramatic meaning the popular kids acept you right away
  2. At lunch you sit with your new pals Carrie, Paris, Madison, Derik and Cody. the drama kids and popular kids Cody is handsome with dark brown hair and saphire eyes you can't help but stare at him
  3. Cody asks you to sit with him and you say yes Paris starts gossiping about the new emo boy "He bumped into me emo kids are creeps" you laugh along with everyone else "And heart breakers" Maddison says Cody puts his arm around you
  4. You're talking and turn to see the emo kid walking a pip skqueak gets in his way by aciedent he grabs him by the shirt and says "Watch it squeak" you..
  5. The little kid goes over and Paris again gossips about the emo kid "He's mean isn't he" the kid nodds "I'm Kiyle" he says "Thank you for rescueing me" just then his older brother TJ comes over "Hey bro. why you over there" "They rescued me from the bully" he says TJ has blonde hair and green eyes he's tall and muscular
  6. TJ and Kyle go to their table with the jocks so you guess he's a jock too
  7. Carrie and Derik are talking about the up coming play "You should try out for the lead" she says to you "Great I think I might" "There's four lead girl roles" Paris adds "one for each of us and Cody and Derik can play the boy main roles" "That's how we work" Maddie says
  8. You see the emo kid walking out of the restroom a kid calls "Hey Grit you want some shrimp" all the kids laugh including you
  9. This is my first quiz in this tyle
  10. You like

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