The Flirting Game

Sorry for the title. But this is kinda like a story type quiz where you flirt with your favorite guy and the relationship may develop. You may not start out too good, but you'll end happily.

So who do you want to get? Choice one is the player. Choice two is the warm average guy. Choice three is the rude mysterious guy. And he is not Emo.

Created by: random person
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  1. Caramel brown shaggy hair. Stone blue eyes centered in blazing amber. Eyes that are as sharp as pins. Tall and slim with jeans, red T topped with a leathery black jacket. Hot guy?
  2. Sandy sort hair combed flat on his head. Jade green eyes with a tint of stunning dark blue. Average height and fit. A gray long sleeve T-shirt with brown sleeves, cargo and cargo pants. Hot guy?
  3. Slick black hair that is thinner on the sides and gets thicker on top of his head. Bangs nearly cover half of his face. Tall, dark, and fit with flaming hazels. Dark baggy jeans and black hoodie.
  4. This guy is the player type. Kinda rude and dirty. His smirk on his face makes him even hotter. His charm level is high. He flirts and dates many girls but has never stuck well with them. You interested?
  5. This guy is the warm easy going type. His goofy grins come along with sparkling eyes that have their own light. The average boy, the friendly guy, a best friend, can also be your one and forever... Interested?
  6. This guy is the mystery guy. Also he's a bit like the delinquent. His eyes are empty dark holes full of history. He doesn't talk much to anybody since he moved just this year. He is rude and harsh. His scowl and his eyes are dark, but they seem to set an aroma of tension and something a girl wants. Interested?
  7. Which fits you best?
  8. What type of story would you want?(this affects what person you get, but you won't find too much of this stuff in my part one, but the story will turn out dramatic, dirty, etc, depending on who you got) thank you
  9. Will you try out my other quizzes? What are your special dating traits and how much do you know about using a public restroom.
  10. Will you stay tuned for part 2? Please do.

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