what dawn midnight person are you

the quiz is very very awesome and it's based on personality and well the whole you so try out my quiz and figure out who you are in the dawn midnight world.i hope you like my quiz and love what you got have a good time-Tahliya

Are you into dawn midnight especially your favorite character? do you want to figure out which character has your personality then take the quiz and love it

Created by: Tahliya Lenon
  1. What do you love to do
  2. when your gf/bf breaks up with you what's your first reaction
  3. how do you kiss
  4. how would you descibe your personality
  5. which birthday would you want
  6. if some one talks about you what is your reaction
  7. what's your sign
  8. if you were planning a date what ideal place is in mind for you
  9. your favorite song
  10. what's your favorite color

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Quiz topic: What dawn midnight person am I