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There are a whole lot of 1D love quizzes out there. I thought I should do one too and see how it turns out. So please leave comments and please rate. Good or bad, just tell me what you think.

I am also the author of Love At Midnight and Moon Goddess. So I hope you like it. This part has a lot to do with Harry, so just warning ya. In the comments, tell me how this should go and stuff. Sorry, if I get behind on making them, i'll try to stay on track. Hope you like it. Bye!

Created by: 1Direction Gurl
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  1. "It seems that Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder are no longer together. She says, 'I didn't really feel the love anymore, but he was still great.' Poor Louis, but fans he's free. Better make your move. This is Julia Zimmerman signing off with feeling." "Oh noooo, their breaking up!!!???" Kate cried. "No, Kate." I said. "Really??" They are broken up." "Oh, poo. This is not right. The were so cute together. Poo you Eleanor, you lost your chance. Now_______, can go after him!"
  2. "Yeah! Kate?" "Huh?" "You know we're yelling at a TV? Right?" "I guess?" she got up from the sofa and went to the kitchen. Kate was practically my sister (not really). We are best friends and we do everything together, but since she's moving, we aren't going to get to do anything together. She's moving next week to Colorado. Without her, this town will be different.
  3. "So, tonight is going to be killer! 1D here we come. Wait! What about Louis? What if he cries onstage or something?" Kate asked. "Oh, come on Kate, he's a grown man. He's not going to cry onstage." I said. "Or is he?" "No, he's not." "You always ruin the fun. Well, we better get ready." she ran up the stairs to my room.
  4. "Which one?" she held up two shirts. One was a blue homemade 1D shirt saying "I love you Harry!" and the other saying "I'm proud to be a Directioner!" with Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam and Zayn's face on it. "Go with the blue. Harry'll love it!" "I knew it! Harry is all mine, got it? The rest are yours." "Got it. Now help me pick out something." Kate helped me pick out...
  5. Then we did each others hair and makeup. By the time we were finished, it was time to go. "Let's go rock out with One Direction!!" -Time Forward- "1D,1D, 1D, 1D, 1D,1D!!!!" fans yelled. They finally came out and started singing What Makes You Beautiful. Then came a few other songs when it got to Gotta Be You. "This is where the bring a some lucky fans onstage. What if it's us?" Kate yelled. I yelled back, " It's not gonna be us Kate!" "You don't know that!"
  6. As I said, it wasn't us. It was three brunettes that got to be up onstage. "Told you so!" I said to Kate. "Whatever." The rest of the concert was awesome. All the boys got off stage and walked around. And Kate got to touch Harry's hand. She looked like she was going to die right in the spot. "OMG!!! _______, he touched me. OMG!!!" she was screaming a whole lot after that.
  7. "Best day of my life!!!!" Kate screamed waking me up. Then she started singing Gotta Be You. Like really loud. "OMG! Shut already!" I yelled over her. She stooped singing and gave me a dirty look. "No. It's gotta be Harry. Only Harry. It's gotta be him. Only him." she finished the song and then said, "Now I will shut up. My mouth is now shut." she opened the door and went down stairs.
  8. I slept in for a few more minutes. Then Kate called me down. "I thought you mouth was supposed to be shut?" I asked. She was crying at the bottom of the stairs. "Hey, what's up?" "Instead of me leaving next week, I'm leaving tomorrow." It took me a minute to let it sink it. Then I realized what she had just said. "No, no, no, no! This can't be happening." "But it is." she said while giving me a hug. "Then, we just have to fit a week into a day." we both got dressed and did everything that we were planing to do for the week. It was 6:00 and we still had one more thing to do. Shopping. "Oh, yeah, this would look good on you, Kate. Kate? Earth to Kate?" I waved my hand in front of her face. "One Direction is shopping here." she said. I looked in the same direction Kate saws looking. I saw Louis, Harry and Niall looking at shoes and saw Liam and Zayn at the front desk. "What's you point?" I asked trying to keep my cool. She turned around and said,"AskHarryoutforme." and then ran. "What? Fine."
  9. Okay ______, you can do this. You own this town. Just ask him. He's just Harry Styles. I thought to myself. I walked over to Harry and tapped on his back. He turned to face me. His beautiful green eyes were mesmerizing. "Um so, hi." "Ello," he said with is sexy British accent. "Well my friend really likes you and she would love it if you kissed her. So will ya?" I was kind of freaking out. "I know it's a little soon for kissing her but she really likes you. No, she loves you." "Um, sure. Do I get to give you a kiss too?" I blushed, but then I realized he did this to every girl. "Um, sure. But um, follow me." I turned around walking towards Kate. I was dying to turn around and look in his eyes again, but I fought the urge. "Harry, this is Kate, Kate, this is Harry." "Well, hi Kate. I hear that you like me. Is that true?" She just stood there and nodded her head. "Well good." he leaned in to give her a kiss on the cheek.
  10. "Thank you," she said. A cherry would be jealous of how red her face was. "Your welcome. Now, about your kiss." he turned to me. "Um, you don't have to." I looked at Kate. She was redder than blood. "I want to." Instead of kissing me on the cheek, he kissed me on the lips. "Bye love," he walked back to the shoe section. "I can't believe you." Kate huffed. "I told you Harry was mine _____! And what happens, you go and kiss him!" she yelled. "I'm sorry, but can you keep it down." "I'm glad I'm leaving so I can get away from you." she ran out of the store.
  11. Everyone in the store could hear it. Which it was only 1D and us. I turned to Harry and yelled at him. "Thank you so much Harry. Because of you, I just lost my best friend and I might never get to see her again." I ran after her. "Wait!" I heard someone yell. I stopped and turned around to see One Direction chasing after me. I was trying really hard not to freak out. This could be the best day of my life, or the worst. But instead of waiting there I ran after Kate. She was my best friend and I wasn't gonna lose her before I had to. Plus she was my ride home. I got to the parking lot only to see her take off in her car. "Oh, poo," I muttered. "Wait! Please!" Louis yelled. I really had no where to go so I waited.
  12. "Let us give you a ride home." Harry said. "No, you've already done enough so leave me alone." I wasn't gonna get home by standing there. If I started walking now, I would get home by 8:30. "Oh, but please I wanna make it up to you." "Leave me alone." "Please." I stopped turned and turned around to see their faces. "I will say it one more time. Leave me alone." I was going to walk again but Liam grabbed my arm. "We're not taking no for an answer." "Fine, but this doesn't mean I forgive you Harry." "Okay." "Let's go."
  13. "Take a left here. And here's my house." I unbuckled and looked at their faces. "What?" I asked. "You call that a house?" Harry asked. "I call that a mansion." Niall said. I got out of the car. "I guess you can call it a mansion. My dad owns a bank." "What about you mom?" Liam asked. "Um, well she left when I was 1 or 2." "Oh, I'm sorry." "I'm not. My dad and I are perfectly fine without her." I walked to me door and got out my keys. The boys were still outside. "Do you guys wanna come in?" I asked hoping the would say no. "Yeah," Harry said.
  14. We watch TV, ate dinner and rocked out with some Karaoke. I have say, Harry was the best. He was rocking Payphone really good. "Harry, that was some serious singing." I told him. "Well I think it's about time we get going." Liam said. "Oh, but it's so late. You guys should just stay for the night." "No, we have a concert in the morning. We have to go." "But, Liam." Harry whined. At least he was on my side. "Please?" We both did a puppy dog face, but that still didn't work. "No." "Party pooper." I mumbled. "Bye _____." they all gave me a hug. "Bye guys." They opened the door to find paparazzi flashing their camera's in the boys eyes. Harry just slammed the door on their faces. "Well, now that I think about it,we should stay." Liam said. "Can we?" "Why not?" "Thank you, _____!" Louis said picking me up.
  15. Alright, that's all for this part. See ya

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