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  • How well do you know 1D???
    [published: Nov 20, 2012]

    Hey hey. One Direction really popular and cool. They now have two albums out with awesome songs on……

  • 1Direction loves Me (4)
    [published: Nov 19, 2012, 1 comment]

    Sorry this came out so late. I was sick then I had to put up with my crazy family. Then stupid school……

  • 1Direction loves Me (3)
    [published: Oct 14, 2012, 3 comments]

    Hey, hey! So sorry it took so long to get this one out. I keep on saying I'll get it out soon, but I……

  • 1Direction loves Me (2)
    [published: Sep 22, 2012, 4 comments]

    Hey, so sorry that this took forever. I was planing on getting it done on Wenesday, but I just got……

  • Moon Goddess part 4
    [published: Sep 08, 2012, 1 comment]

    I am so sorry this came out so late. I hope y'all can forgive me. So just enjoy this part and please don't……

  • Bad Girls Don't Die
    [published: Sep 08, 2012, 2 comments]

    Heeeeyyyyyyyeeeeyyyyyeyeyeyeyeye peeeeeeppppppppssssss. Just leave now before you explode. This is all an……

  • 1Direction loves Me
    [published: Sep 08, 2012, 6 comments]

    There are a whole lot of 1D love quizzes out there. I thought I should do one too and see how it turns out.……

  • Moon Godess part 3
    [published: Aug 03, 2012, 2 comments]

    Sorry this took so long. The thingy didn't save my data so I had to start all over again. I'm gonna break my……

  • Love at Midnight part 2
    [published: Jul 30, 2012, 4 comments]

    Sorry, this took so long. I got home late on Thursday, went to a stupid birthday party on Friday, had a……

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