Love at Midnight part 2

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Sorry, this took so long. I got home late on Thursday, went to a stupid birthday party on Friday, had a cleaning day on Saturday and I just didn't feel good on Sunday.

So this is the second part of my series. You will meet two new boys and some drama will go down. BTW, when your looking for part 3, search for Moon Goddes part 3 because there's already a quiz named Love at Midnight and i want my quiz to be unique. Enjoy!

Created by: 1Direction Gurl

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  1. I saw Jessica Tiffany Margo. She was my enemy since the first grade. We've always hated each other because she had a crush on Jason and i was jelous because he almost left me for her. But of course he didn't. Ever since then she's been trying to ruin my life and i've been kind of scared of her. But i've always had Lulu by my side to defend me. I have to admit, i am kind of weak. Anyway, they were getting down, like i almost thought that they were going to get a room. But then i noticed that Jason was trying to pull away and Jessica was just pulling him right back to her.
  2. I cleared my throat because i was tired of them having fun. Jessica pulled away and looked at me anonnyingly. "Can't you see we're doing something?" "Yes and i won't anymore because I need Jason now before the bell rings." I grabbed his hand and tried to pull him away but she grabbed his other hand and stopped me. "No, we'll return to what we were doing and you go away." she broke my grasp on Jason's hand. I smirked, "Like that'll happen, you won't because if you kiss him one more time-" "_______! I kissed her first." he finally spoke up. What?! How long has he liked her? How long have they been dating? Have they even been dating? No, he would have told me. Wouldn't he?Jason said something that answed all my questions. "We've been dating for quite a while now. I didn't want to tell you because i knew you would get mad and wanted to tell you at the right time. I didn't want you to find out this way. I-" "Jason, i don't care who you date anymore." He looked confused. "Why?" "Because we're not friends anymore!" With that i walked away. It took all my strenth to say that. I mean, he was my best friend. Do you know how hard it is breaking up with a best friend is? The one question that was ringing in my head was, "What will Lulu do to him?". She was pretty violent. she would kick butt if you make her mad or get on her nerves. I know i should be focasing on the fact that my best friend was dating my mortal enemy, but i didn't want Jason to get hurt. I mean, i was mad, but was i mad enough for wanting him to get beat up? I saw my locker up ahead with Lulu standing right beside it looking as happy as a daisy. I tried to put on a good face, but I couldn't. I wasn't one of those people who could just suck up their act and put on a happy face. When she saw my glum face, she frowned. "What happened?" I just ran into her arms and started crying. She asked the same question, but in a softer voice. It took me a minute to find the words to say. "Jason has been dating Jessica." Now that i heard it out loud, i cried even more. I was getting mascra all over her shirt, but ofcourse she didn't mind. "Great, you found out." She whispered it so quietly, it took me a few seconds to figure out what she had said. I pulled back to face her face. "You knew?! You knew all this time and didn't tell me?!"
  3. She looked very guilty at me. "I-" "I don't want to hear it." "But you just asked me a question." She was getting all smart with me. "Shut up, just shup up." i got into my locker and got my math book since math was my first period. I slamed my locker and stomped away. As i was stomping, i saw a boy with blond hair and green eyes looking at me weirdly. I had a double take at him because he seemed familiar. But when I looked back a second time, he was gone. "Weird," i whispered to myself. The first bell rang as i was walking into the class room. I went to the back where Lulu couldn't sit. She adored math. Math was part of her love life. She loved it so much, she would my Jason's and my homework to get more of it. She walked into the classroom looking around, probably looking for me. I hid my head just incase she wanted to break her "Allways listening in math class" streak. She didn't find me so she just sat in her usual seat, front and center. After the second bell rang, Ms. Potter introuduced Joe Everdeen (I love Harry Potter and The Hunger Games). He had jet black flippable hair with purple eyes (exotic, right?) and he was pretty muscular too. But the thing that really stood out was the perfect lining of his jaw line. It matched his perfect face. To really sum it all up, he was extreamly hot. Like so hot. I looked around at the other girls. As i thought, they were staring at him dreamily. "You can go sit by _______, in the back." Ms. Potter said. That's exactly what i needed, a cute boy sitting by me in math class. And i'm not being sarcastic. I really need something or someone to take a few things off my mind. When he saw me, he smiled. Maybe it was because of my red hair or nice eyes. Or maybe it was because i was beatiful. or maybe it was because he was going to sit in the back and not pay attention.
  4. "Hey," he said winking at me as he took his seat. I nodded. When i'm around boys, I'm usually cool, but around him, i could barely speak. His essance was so breath taking. He could sense that i had a problem around him, so he chuckled. Ms. Potter started class, well i think. I wasn't paying attention, i was too busy staring at Joe. When i wasn't drooling over Joe, i caught Lulu looking around for me still. On her third time she caught me. There was so much sorrow in her eyes, i almost felt bad. Then I remembered that she kept a pretty important secret from me. I wonder how many other secrets she has kept from me. She mouthed "I'm sorry," but i just rolled my eyes and went back to staring at Joe. He caught me staring at him and he smiled. Ofcourse i blushed and looked away. I never felt this way about a boy. Well except for one boy, but I'm not telling who. After he looked away, i stared at him again. But this time, instead of being caught by Joe, i was caught by Ms. Potter. "Excuse me, Ms. _______. Will you stop drooling over Mr. Everdeen and start paying attention?" Everyone snickered, even Lulu, just a little. "Sorry, Ms. Potter, but he's just so beautiful. I know you would do the same thing as me. Just admit it." i thought in my head. Oh, what the heck, i said it out loud. "Dentention, Ms. _______. Now pay attention."
  5. I looked at him. He was smiling like crazy. I decided I didn't want to get another dentention, so i looked at the stupid board. As usual, there were equations on the board and i didn't understand. But now that Lulu's not my friend anymore, who's going to do my math homework. Great, another problem i have to worry about. For the stupid homework, we had to fill out a sheet full of cruddy problems and do them with a friend. Too bad I lost my two best and only friends. Sad right? I was gathering my stuff when Joe said something to me. "So, you think I'm beautiful," "Yeah, sorry about staring at you, I don't usually act like that. I just had a hard morning and you were the only thing that was good about it." "Well, I'm glad to be of service." He walked away, in a really hot way. So the rest of my classes went by fast and soon it was lunch. Lulu, Jason, Jessica and I all had lunch at the same time. Jessica sat with the populars, Lulu usually sat with the math geeks and it was Jason and me sitting together. Lulu rarely sat with us, only when she had "the day off" from the mathers. That's what we call the math nerds here at Jayden High School. I saw Joe surrounded by girls, so he had lunch at the same time as me too. I got a buritto, gatorade and chips (Lays, the good kind) and paid for it all. I have a pocket full of money, just incase i forget to grab some at home. So I didn't know who i was going to sit by, so i just sat at an empty table.
  6. Now, I could think about my cruddy morning. I lost my two best friends, saw a ghost boy, met a cute boy and i'm sitting alone. That is one good and crappy morning. "Hey," I heard a voice say. I knew what that voice from anywhere. It belonged to my ex-friend. "Go away," I mumbled looking down at my wrapped buritto. He just sat down anyway. "Will you just listen to my propostion?" I sighed. "What?" "I'll break up with Jessica, if you and i can be friends again." "Yeah, okay, except let's skip the part where you and i become friends again. Deal?" I smiled. As much as i wanted to be friends again, how can i trust him again? "No deal, why can't we be friends, ______?" "How can I trust you anymore. You kept a big secret from me for a long time." He eyes were still full of sorrow. "Fine, I'll still break up with her because thats how good of an ex-friend I am." He got up and walked away from the table over to Jessica's popular table.
  7. After a few minutes of talking, I heard Jessica scream. Like really loud. I bet all the other kids in the whole school could hear it. Maybe even in Mexico. -In Mexico- "¿Qué fue ese ruido?" "Una niña de gritar, probablemente. No haga caso de ella." (Look it up on google translate) -Back to Californa- "Jessica, you don't have to make a scene. I'm just breaking up with you." Jason said quietly. "No, you can't." She gasped. "It's because of her, isn't it?" That was my cue to get out of there. I quietly exited the caffiteria only to run into the ghost boy i saw in the hallway. But he felt very real to me. "Sorry, I didn't see you there," the boy said. He was really hot actually up close. "No, i'm sorry, i ran into you." He smiled and nodded. "This is the part where you argue and say that you ran into me. So, go ahead." I said, cause i really didn't want to take the blame, even if it was me who ran into the boy. "Um, but i don't want to take the blame." He said smirking. "I will kill her," I heard a voice say in my head. "Did you hear that?" I asked him. "Hear what?" he asked. I guess i was the only one who was hearing things. "Nothing,"
  8. "So are you new?" i asked. He frowned. "No, I've known you since kindergarden. Remember?" I tried. 'SORRY, NO. I just don't remember seeing you around. This is the first day i've ever saw you. But you do look like someone i know. What's your name?" "Kaleb," Wait, did i ever know a Kaleb? Cliffhanger, Sorry there will be better ones.
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