How well do you know 1D???

Hey hey. One Direction really popular and cool. They now have two albums out with awesome songs on it. Are you a Directioner? Do you love 1D??????

Some of you might be saying, "Are you kidding?? I love 1D!!" some might be saying, "Sure," Well, I challenge you to a test. We'll really see how much you love them.

Created by: 1Direction Gurl
  1. Would he say he's in L O V E? Well if it was me _____
  2. I remember the taste of your lip stick!
  3. There's gonna be some way to get you to ______.
  4. They don't know what they're talk, talking about.
  5. They don't what you've done to ______.
  6. Whenever I close my eyes I _____ _____ ____.
  7. Lately I've been going crazy!!
  8. The lights shine, it's getting hot on my shoulder.
  9. I was so stupid for letting you go!
  10. I know I say it to much, but I won't ever _____ ___
  11. Every time we touch you get this kind of Rush!

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Quiz topic: How well do I know 1D???