How well do you know One Direction?

There are many people who claim to love one direction, but only can name their popular songs. Some have heard all the songs, but know nothing about their personal lives.

What about you? Do you know personal things about the 1D members, like their birthdays and girlfriends? Have you even heard all of their songs? Who the heck is Niall Horan anyway?? Take the quiz to see how much you know about today's greatest boy band.

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  1. Which person listed did Louis Tomlinson date before Danielle Campbell?
  2. When is Harry Styles B-day?
  3. Which song on the FOUR album was written by Ed Sheeran?
  4. What member of One Direction did Taylor Swift originally want to date before Harry Styles, but turned down her offer?
  5. What are One Directions fans officially called?
  6. Which 2 supermodels has Harry been rumored to date?
  7. Who is the youngest member of the group?
  8. What place on the X-factor did One Direction win?
  9. Who played a major role in forming One Direction?
  10. Which of the following songs are on the Take Me Home album?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know One Direction?