How much of a directioner are you?

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There are millions of directioners out in the world, and my question is... are YOU one? Directioners are fans who are committed to and love One Direction!

Are you truly a directioner? Are you crazy for 1D? Take this quiz and see if you know and love One Direction as much as you think you do! Have fun and be honest with your answers, please!

Created by: Kacie
  1. What is boo bear's middle name?
  2. Who is afraid of spoons?
  3. What is Harry's favorite color?
  4. Who's the oldest?
  5. Who's youngest?
  6. Who originally tried out for the X Factor before the rest of the boys, and got voted off?
  7. What instrument can Harry play?
  8. Louis' favorite movie is... ??
  9. Which member of 1D is into 'chick flicks'?
  10. "Vas happenin?"
  11. Do you have a least favorite member?
  12. "Shut the door..." ??
  13. "I should've _______ you"
  14. Who is the Irish one?
  15. Who loves kitty kitties?
  16. Is Harry Styles single?
  17. On the Up All Night live tour DVD, what song was played first?
  18. Which song is Louis' favorite song to perform?
  19. Which song did the boys sing at the 2012 VMA's?
  20. Have you seen all of the video diaries?
  21. Do you want to meet Niall?
  22. Harry's favorite food is... ??
  23. Harry has dated older women
  24. Louis loves the color blue
  25. Niall doesn't like eating
  26. Most importantly... One Direction is your everything

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Quiz topic: How much of a directioner am I?