What Type of Directioner are You?

There are many types of fans in many fandoms. My Fandom is One Direction! This quiz is about figuring out your 1D fan status. Are you game to play? Go right ahead to figure it out.

OK people do have what it takes to be named the glorious title of DIRECTIONER! Now remember once you start, loves, kindly don't go looking up the answers if you don't know them! Have fun!!

Created by: Riley Styles
  1. When did they sing 'Torn'?
  2. Name all five of My Boys! (One Direction, duh!)
  3. How do you correctly pronounce Louis (again from 1D duh!)
  4. Seven One Direction songs?
  5. What two boy share the same middle name?
  6. What country are they from?
  7. How did Niall describe how Harry does his hair?
  8. What song do they often sing in concert that includes the following lyrics, 'And she doesn't give a D*nm'?
  9. In how many countries was One Direction #1 for What Make You Beautiful?
  10. Did you enjoy it. I won't judge! Plz rate and comment?

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Quiz topic: What Type of Directioner am I?