Are you a true directioner? :*)

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Hello fellow directioners! Are you a true directioner? What is that? You don't know?! Well then you should take this quiz to see if you really are a true directioner!

As I said before! Try this quiz, jam sure you will come out successful, no matter what happens. If you fail, then you will simply learn from your mistakes and ty again!

Created by: 1DHarry

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  1. Who came up with the name one direction?
  2. What day was Harry born?
  3. What day was Liam born?
  4. What day was Louis born?
  5. What day was Niall born?
  6. What day was Zayn born?
  7. True or false, Niall asked Demi Lovato out.
  8. True or false, Harry snogged two fans.
  9. True or false, Liam had an imaginary friend when he was younger named bill.
  10. True or false, Louis used to go to school naked.
  11. True or false, Liam bites his nails when he gets nervous.
  12. Please comment and rate!

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Quiz topic: Am I a true directioner? :*)