how well do you know 1 direction

There are many smart poeple,but only a few are a directioners,maybe are one of these gunius's so why don't you take quiz this and lets put your skils to the test

Are you a directioner.if you do than do this quiz to find out.Have you been wanting to know your whole life you if you are a true direction this quiz.

Created by: Tsidilerato

  1. Who is engaged
  2. Who is the funny one
  3. James is who's mid name
  4. 1D latest album
  5. Whats the name of a band that better than 1D
  6. (NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS) Who's your favourite
  7. Who had bromance
  8. What kind of band is 1D
  9. Finish off) Not even the gods above
  10. 1D is in love with
  11. Who dated Demi Lovato
  12. Who is 1D
  13. Liam is afride of
  14. Was 1D made for a reason
  15. Why,because
  16. When is 1D Day
  17. In X Factor, they sung....

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Quiz topic: How well do I know 1 direction