Another One Direction quiz!

Hi again, I made another One Direction quiz because I had so much fun making my other one (Directioner quiz!!! if you want to try it) so I hope you enjoy this one too :) Do it for the boys ;)

Zayn is sexy, Liam is hot, Niall is adorable, Louis is gorgeous and Harry is beautiful :), I hope you like the quiz and please leave a rate and a comment and if I should make more of these quizzes :) love you all! :) xx

Created by: QueenOfHearts
  1. Which member recently got engaged this year (2013)?
  2. What did Liam once say in an interview was the cure for One Direction Infection?
  3. What was the punishment for losing a game of Spin The Harry?
  4. What book was Louis reading when he shouted "No! Jimmy protested."?
  5. What year (grade) was Louis in at school when he had his first kiss?
  6. On Megamind, what did Liam say when he was asked why he liked chocolate?
  7. Which of these songs does Liam NOT start?
  8. Who created the Adventurous Adventures Of One Direction?
  9. What did Zayn do just before his first kiss?
  10. Who was the first person to have the phone on Find The Phone?
  11. Who's the cupcake?
  12. Who follows the most people on twitter?
  13. when is #1DDay?(announced this year)
  14. Which of these is NOT a One Direction dance?
  15. Stop the traffic...
  16. Who did Louis and Harry prank call in a twitcam?
  17. What's Niall's natural hair colour?
  18. In one of the tour video diaries, what did Naill say he'd use as his weapon in a zombie apocalypse?
  19. Why did Liam take up boxing when he was younger?
  20. Who has the last solo in Everything About You?
  21. True or False? Harry can't swim
  22. True or False: Baby Lux is actually Harry's cousin
  23. Liam: "If I was a food, I'd be a..."

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