who is your 1D boyfriend?

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there are many people who love one direction and love all those boys in the band but let's just see how much you have in common with them we will find out when you take the quiz the quiz is just to test you to see how much in common you have a thin so I guess we'll see who you could be a girlfriend to

are you the biggest one direction can do you think you can always make every free one and one direction band smile do you think that everyone in One Direction band is right for you who is your favorite

Created by: angel mccall

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Whats your favorite color
  2. what do you look for in a guy
  3. what is your favorite food
  4. what do you see you dream boyfriend as
  5. who is your favorite in the band
  6. what is your age
  7. what do you like to talk about with your friends
  8. what is your future last name
  9. what country would you want to go with your new husband if you married someone in one direction
  10. what is your favorite sport
  11. what is your favorite animal
  12. what is your favorite show

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Quiz topic: Who is my 1D boyfriend?