Is she jealous of your boyfriend?

Hi there! Have you ever wondered whether that girl is jealous of you and your boyfriend at all? Well you're in luck, this quiz will answer your question!

Does she mKe you mad? Does she flirt with your boyfriend? Are you suspicious? This quiz will hopefully answer your question as accurately as possible!

Created by: ninjacupcake
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  1. So, does she appear angry when you two are together, does she ever glare at either of you guys?
  2. If you talk to her or near her, does she talk about her boyfriend or love interest?
  3. Did she ever date your boyfriend/ openly like him?
  4. Is she the jealous type?
  5. Does she say bad things about you behind your back, try to turn your friends against you or anything like that?
  6. Does she try to show off in front of your boyfriend or flirt with him?
  7. Does she currently have a boyfriend?
  8. If you talk about him, how doe she react?
  9. What does your gut say?
  10. Bye Bye!

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Quiz topic: Is she jealous of my boyfriend?