Directioner forever!!

There are a few smart people and a few true geniuses! BUt really what is a true geniuse people? Is somone who really knows about everything, someone very clever and with and extraordinarily mind!

Do you think you know a lot?? You will find out! If you are a true directioner will know that YES YOU ARE! If you are a fake directioner you will know here in this quizz, made by a true directioner!

Created by: Hanna 139

  1. Who's de Daddy Direction ?
  2. Who can't swim?
  3. What is Louis favourite movie?
  4. Wich one is the oldest?
  5. Wich is Liam's favourite colour?
  6. What is Liam's afraid of?
  7. Wich song did Niall sang in Xfactor UK?
  8. In video diary 3 who said that can drive a car?
  9. Who is Kevin's owner?
  10. Wich famouse singer judge Niall in Xfactor?

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