Are you a true directioner.!?

There are many people who think that they are directioners. A directioner is someone who love One direction and is obsessed. Make the Quiz, if you would test your information about One direction.

Are you a true Directioner.? Make the test and have a look if you are a real fan. There are 15 easy Questions which every Directioner should answer in sleep. :)

Created by: Lyn
  1. How many R's.?
  2. Which place did they reach by the X-Factor.?
  3. What is Kevin.?
  4. Who has only one Kidney.?
  5. Who has twin Sisters.?
  6. In which video Diary did Louis put salt in his hat.?
  7. The right name:
  8. How did the Boys think first about Louis.?
  9. Now fill the Blankets. "Nothings fine, i'm ____"
  10. "No", ______ protested.
  11. "And we take, take, take it for ____ that will be the same"
  12. Ok. Normal questions:) Which song does Niall sing in the audition.?
  13. Vas Happenin'?
  14. Which was the first song they performed together.?
  15. Last Question. Which isn't a song.?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true directioner.!?