Are you a directioner??

Being a DIRECTIONER is being in love with five boys that don't even know you...... Being a DIRECTIONER is not an obsession it is dedication...... Be a DIRECTIONER always

Are you a DIRECTIONER. Do you know Liam,Louis,Harry,zayn, and niall?? If you do know these 5 great guys then I consider you take this test!! Are you a DIRECTIONER.........

Created by: Morrison1
  1. When was one direction formed?
  2. Where was one direction formed?
  3. What is the name of Louis girlfriend?
  4. What song did one direction sing at the judges house?
  5. How to do you feel about one direction?
  6. Who's favorite color is red?:O
  7. What is louis full name
  8. Who has only one lung?
  9. Who got their foot injured during the xfactor?
  10. Who signed a record deal to ONE DIRECTION?
  11. Who said ,"I like girl who eat carrots" ?
  12. Who is a big fan of Justin bieber?
  13. Who Is the flirt?
  14. Who flunked school?
  15. Who is from ireland?
  16. Who hasn't had a real girlfriend? ;(

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Quiz topic: Am I a directioner??