How well do you know One Direction?

One Direction Infection (sorry at the use of that cheesy term) is sweeping the globe. Do you consider yourself a Directioner? Are you really a true Directioner?

I made this quiz for fun so that you can test how much you know about the boys- directioner jokes, facts, information, etc. I love them!!!!!!! Please comment!

Created by: Directioner
  1. What place did they come in on the X-Factor?
  2. Who has the same middle name?
  3. What is the shared middle name from the previous question? :)
  4. Who can't swim?
  5. Who recently had clear braces put on?
  6. What is Louis's girlfriend's name?
  7. How many minutes did it take for What Makes You Beautiful to reach #1 on iTunes in the UK?
  8. What is their (first) album called?
  9. Who starts almost every song?
  10. What is Liam's girlfriend's profession?
  11. "_____ !" Jimmy protested.
  12. "Vas happenin'?" is who's catchphrase?
  13. Who is Kevin?
  14. What's the name of their bodyguard?
  15. Who is baby Lux?
  16. Who only has one working kidney due to past serious medical problems?
  17. Who almost became an Olympic runner or boxer?
  18. Who is afraid of rollercoasters?
  19. Liam: "I have a strange fear of _____."
  20. Harry's hair is:
  21. Who's face was shoved into a cake at ColdStone Creamery?
  22. When is their second album planned to debut?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know One Direction?