Are You a Directioner??

Are you a true directioner?? Do you have tons of merchandise? Know all their songs? Seen all their music videos 6 times each? Love all their interviews? Watched all the X factor diaries and tour diaries? Do you ship Larry? Or Niam? Or anything like that? Did you watch all of 1D Day???

If you think you are a Directioner, take this quiz to find out if you really are. It has questions about all of the members, their music videos, their songs, and more! Pleassseeeeeeee comment your favorite member so I can take a survey.

Created by: Marissa_1234
  1. Fill in the blank: NO, ____ PROTESTED!!!
  2. What song is this? She floats through the room on a big balloon, some say she's such a fake...
  3. Answer this honestly: Did you cry when Zayn left 1D?
  4. Simple, but--
  5. Which one's NOT an album/future album?
  6. I like girls who....
  7. How many r's?
  8. Which one doesn't have a tattoo?
  9. Whose the youngest?
  10. In the Drag Me Down music video, where was One Direction going?
  11. Who's Daddy Direction?
  12. Who's the biggest flirt?
  13. Who's becoming a dad?
  14. Answer Honestly: Where you jealous of the girl in What Makes You Beautiful? (I know I was)
  15. What/Who is Larry
  16. Oops!
  17. What is Niall' s natural hair color?
  18. What do you just HATE to hear these days?
  19. What/ Who is Kevin?
  20. Who plays the sexy assistant in Best Song Ever?
  21. Did you watch 1D Day? (ALL OF IT?)
  22. When was Niall born?
  23. Who eats the most?
  24. We're almost done!! Just PLEASEEE comment your favorite member of 1D cause I'm taking a survey(so far Niall' s winning)

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Quiz topic: Am I a Directioner??