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There are a lot of Directioner out there. Some are MEGADIRECTIONERS others are just a fan of their music. But to be a true Directioner, You need to know every single dirty secret.

Are YOU the Ultimate 1D fan? Have you ever wondered what in the world are they doing? Well by taking this amazing quiz, all of those questions will soon be answered. Maybe even one day, YOU could answer them!

Created by: Mia

  1. Which 1D boy is the oldest?
  2. Which is the Youngest?
  3. What talent show did they perform on?
  4. What sea animal stung Louis' foot?
  5. How many sisters does Louis have?
  6. Does Harry have a sister?
  7. Who doesn't have a sister?
  8. Which did Liam think did not work?
  9. Who can't swim, but would swim to save his girlfriend?
  10. Who has a fear of spoons?
  11. True or false: Zayn has more than one tattoo?
  12. He cried watching Finding Nemo
  13. Harry + Louis =
  14. Harry has a cat named
  15. Louis Tomlinson was the host of:
  16. Harry's worst habit
  17. Niall is a
  18. The First song Harry knew the words to were
  19. My favorite is... (Doesnt count)
  20. How many times did Liam audition for X factor?
  21. Did they audtion for the x Factor as a band or solo contestants
  22. If you dared Liam to eat with a spoon, Would he?
  23. Harry makes really good

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