Ultimate Directioner Quiz

Do you love One Direction? Even during their overly-drawn-out hiatus? If you said no, you’re very lucky I can’t physically see you. If you said yes, good on you!

But either way, I (or rather this webpage) with test your knowledge with 13 hardcore questions on the band and it’s members. Oh, and if you get 100% or less, then shame on you!

Created by: larrystylinson01
  1. Which member of the band loved boybands prior to One Direction?
  2. When asked to draw a bandmate, who did Zayn draw?
  3. Which member continued to sing their Drag Me Down solo whilst James Corden was rapping?
  4. Finish the scene...‘Louis! How did you get there?!’‘........’
  5. Complete the lyrics‘Feel you on my neck while I’m.........’
  6. What sound-effect is not present in Never Enough?
  7. Niall the bad boy? Give it a rest; Niall the.......... more like.
  8. What instrument does Harry play during the Valentine’s Day song?
  9. Which band member got stung by a sea urchin before their judge’s houses performance?
  10. Who had the least Up All Night solo time?
  11. Niall has more tattoos than.........!
  12. Who said Piers Morgan stinks?
  13. Ultimate test- what colour is the shirt in the ‘I’m gonna rob your Nan look?’

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