How well do you know Harry Styles?

Hello!!! So I decided to make this quiz!!! This quiz is about the famous singer, Harry Fricking Styles, a british singer raised in Holmes Chapel. He is also the kindest human on earth :)

He is in a very VERY succesful band called One Direction, but has been singing solo since the hiatus. The quiz I created is based on basic facts about him.

Created by: Jacky
  1. What is Harry's full name?
  2. When was Harry born?
  3. What Harry Styles song has the lyric ,,I met her once and wrote a song about her" ?
  4. How many nipples does Harry have?
  5. Continue the quote: ,,This is a family show!"
  6. What do you think when you see a girl spitting?
  7. Is Larry real?
  8. What's Harry's Favorire Food?
  9. What color are Harry's eyes?
  10. Does Harry Styles live with Louis Tomlinson?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Harry Styles?