Your Communication Style

The better you understand your own behaviors and communication style, the better you will be at getting what you want. Each of the four basic behavioral styles brings strengths and weaknesses to a situation. Each can be a winner and teams need all four basic styles to win!

If you've ever said or done something you wished you hadn't or regretted the way you've handled a situation, then this short quiz will put you on the path of minimizing your regrets and maximizing your success.

Created by: Kelley
  1. When I have news to share, I
  2. When in a meeting, I
  3. I am most interested in
  4. When I walk somewhere, I
  5. When I am stressed, I
  6. When planning a vacation, I
  7. I decorate my office with
  8. When I drive, I
  9. When I talk on the phone, I
  10. I think rules

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