How Do You DO? Find Your Authentic Style of Action

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We know a lot about styles of thinking and feeling, but what about DOING? Learn how to leverage the way you already do things. It's fast, fun, and informational.

Understanding your style of problem solving will help you focus on your strengths when taking action. It will also help you choose work partners who complement your style.

Created by: Nina Alvarez of Follow Your Bliss
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  1. You are hired to help create a website on international cuisine. The first thing you do is:
  2. Your friend hasn't seen the movie Inception and asks you what it is about.
  3. You are happy, happy, happy because the person you love:
  4. You and your family celebrate the winter holidays. When you all get together, you are most in your element when you get to:
  5. If you had to sum up your work style in one phrase, it would be:
  6. When a co-worker boasts about her multi-tasking abilities, you think:
  7. You are at a career counseling session talking to a trained staff member. After they give you a lot of information, you say:
  8. Your best friend is getting married and asks you for your help with the wedding. Since they know you well, they very wisely ask you to:
  9. You read an article that inspires you to start a side business. That is because the article:
  10. If you had to be honest, certain projects of yours haven't been successful because:

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Quiz topic: How do I DO? Find my Authentic Style of Action