How Much Do You Hate Action Men

This quiz was only ever created to find out true action man lovers across the known universe. Also I was a bit bored and I wanted something to do but that doesn't matter much. Continue to the next paragraph.

So are YOU a true lover of what we call today, action man or are you the hater of this character. Please continue through this quiz to find out a truth about yourself.

Created by: TJC Dude On Earth
  1. How many action men do you have in your room?
  2. Do you think barbie is sexier than action man? (be honest boys)
  3. Are your action men destroyed?
  4. Have you seen any action man TV shows?
  5. Did barbie and action man marry in the end?
  6. Did you ever want to marry action man?
  7. Is scooby doo more impressive than action man?
  8. Does action man do any TV shows anymore or did he get kicked off TV?
  9. If you owned an action man that you didn't really want anymore how would you get rid of it?
  10. Have you actually ever seen or heard of action man?
  11. Do you want to take more quizzes that ask you to express your feelings about characters?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Hate Action Men