Would You Make A Good Stuntman

Ever see the greatest action movie ever? Love the parts where the main character has to blast, jump, fight, and maybe take some bullets to victory? Guess what? Those are the people who really make action movies happen, not the actors.

Oh! I didn't tell you what they are? Stuntmen! Yes, these guys defy gravity to save the actors a**. These guys never get the credit. They're the best. But would you make a good one?

Created by: Nick

  1. Do you pick Truth or Dare?
  2. What do you do when you are at a large chasm?
  3. What's the best?
  4. Who do you wish you were?
  5. Did you ever try to perfrom an awsome movie scene?
  6. What is daring to you?
  7. You have a speed boat. You-
  8. Guess what! You just won a sports car! What will you do now? (You say-)
  9. Fistfight or sniper?
  10. Do you think you would make a good stuntman?
  11. Fame or cool action scenes?
  12. Will this quiz effect your decision if your going to be a stuntman?

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