Have you ever been in a situation where you have to make up a ridiculas excuses. Well now you have after you've tried the quiz. Its very tricky and will determind what kind of dissisions you make!

Are you one of those people who can make up a big fat excuse and feel good about it or even better make up a excuse that actually makes sence well let's see...

Created by: jaydah
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  1. You have just been found infront of two dead people holding a knife. Now what?
  2. Your drinking a glass of milk when a mad sico killer says can i try?
  3. Your watching a rated R movie in kindergarden when the teacher says can i come in
  4. Your mom finds out you've gained 10 pounds.
  5. You skip class and your teacher ask why
  6. You cheat on your gf but there's still a chance to save it...
  7. This quiz is?
  8. You had to jump off a clip but didn't want to wut would you do
  9. cheese?
  10. blahber

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