will you make a good parent or r u a good parent?

There are many good parents in the world and way to many bad ones. So if you scored low congrates to all. But if you scored high social services will comes and take your baby away but if you haven't had your baby yet they will make you have an abortion.

Are you a good parent? Well, its a mystery until now. So if you take this quiz you will finally know if you are a good parent or if you are some crack whore who spends all her money on drugs.

Created by: Chet Kline
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Would you go to therapy before having a kid?
  2. Would you let your kids have more freedom but still have a curfew?
  3. Will you beat your kids?
  4. when do u plan to have the kid?
  5. how many?
  6. will you smoke around your kids?
  7. will you go to jail?
  8. will you put your child up for adoption?
  9. what will be the name of your child?
  10. does this quiz make you think about if you are going to be a good mom or dad?

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Quiz topic: Will I make a good parent or r u a good parent?