Are you a good parent?

What is a good parent? Do you have what it takes to prepare a child for this world? There are many different types of parents, some great and some not so much. We all know what is right and wrong, or do we?

Take this quiz and see how you measure up. Remember this is all in good fun....mostly. See how you fair as a parent in an entirely opinionated point of view.

Created by: Virginia
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  1. Are you married?
  2. Do you smoke in front of your children?
  3. Have you ever brought your kid out in public (to the grocery store for example) wearing their pajamas?
  4. Do you take your kids out with snotty noses?
  5. How many hours a day do your kids watch tv?
  6. Do you spank your kids?
  7. How often do you party or have a date night?
  8. Do you go to church or other religious services?
  9. What does a typical meal look like on most days?
  10. How often do you read to your kids?

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Quiz topic: Am I a good parent?