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  • Wow... play with the answers and see what happens. Just by changing my marital status I could watch my score drop from an 85% if I said I was married to a 77% if I was ONLY "in a long term relationship" and then to 71% if I had a baby daddy... What kind of sanctimonious a**hole made this quiz that your marital status determines how good of a parent you are??? And what if I'm a BETTER parent because I dumped the schmuck that wasn't a good father to my kids??! I wouldn't trust this person to judge my ability to parent for anything. Ridiculous quiz.

  • who ever made this quiz has a problem with ghetto people, cuz the ghetto people might be a better parent than anyone so dont be coming for the ghetto and dont be judging nobody cuz im from the ghetto and i scored a 95%

  • great i just got roasted XD


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