How much do you HATE the Yankees?

Many people who like baseball dislike the Yankees. With Red Sox Nation the Yankees are losing their popularity. Who likes the winningest team of all-time? It's never fun to watch. Besides, other teams grow their players and the Yankees just use their money to buy good players.

Do you hate the Yankees? Are you so strongly against the Yankees? Well, thanks to this quiz, you can find out how much you really hate the Yankees. Just answer the questions as honestly as possible.

Created by: soxfanbrand
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  1. Do you like Derek Jeter?
  2. Do you like Alex Rodriguez?
  3. How many World Series rings do the Yankees have?
  4. Will the Yankees win another championship in the next 10 years?
  5. Do the Yankees stink?
  6. Will the Yankees make the Playoffs this year? (2009)
  7. Is David Ortiz fat?
  8. Who has the better pitching staff? Red Sox or Yankees?
  9. When the Yankees win the World Series, what will you say?
  10. When the Red Sox win the World Series, what will you say?
  11. Which team is your favorite?

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Quiz topic: How much do I HATE the Yankees?