Are you a true Yankee?

Everyone knows who the Yankees are, but do you really know the Yankees? Do you know the little things that seperate the "bandwagon" fans from the "bleed blue" fans?

Take this quiz and we will see what kind of Yankees fan are you. Do people think you own the Yankees because the fan you are? Take this quiz and let's see what you know.

Created by: Las Vegas Yankee

  1. What was the first number retired by the Yankees?
  2. As of December 2007, the Yankees have won ____ World Series.
  3. ______ ______ broke Babe Ruth's single season home run record.
  4. Which is not a nickname of a former Yankee?
  5. Which pitcher hasn't pitched a Perfect Game for the Yankees
  6. Who holds the record for most strikeouts in a game?
  7. How many single digit numbers have not been retired by the Yankees?
  8. As of December 2007, who have been the only two Yankee Triple Crown winners?
  9. Murderer's Row...
  10. Which decade have the Yankees not won a World Series?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true Yankee?