Maybe this is goodbye my gotoquizers? {Aria's}

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I just came to say goodbye to my fellow gotoquizers. I love you all like brothers and sisters. Age doesn't matter with us. We are one love, forever.

OKay, does anyone read these things? I highly doubt it, but I know I read it when people have quizzes. I hope this quiz shows up on the list of new quizzes.

Created by: Aria
  1. Hi there gotoquizers. First of all, let's give a hearty round of applause to Calypso1315, 5thMarauder, Bluebird, natuhleegayle, WTF_NINJA, singin234, allycat, HogwartsLove, TheRecklessBam and xxblutixx. These people are my friends, mentors, sisters, everything
  2. Firstly, I would like to thank gotoquiz for all the marvelous opportunities it showed me, and to so many stories I read and loved. Gotoquiz is the reason I am who I am today and I think that nothing, not even a harry styles and oliver wood site combined could compare to gotoquiz. Plus, that's saying a lot when I LOVE them both. Hehe. Anyway, I wanted to tell you guys that this might be goodbye for me. Goodbye forever.
  3. Okay well I have been going through some very rough times, i lost my best friend, almost died a couple of times, almost got kidnapped xD and some family issues I'm not mentioning. Yes, gotoquiz has helped me along the way but I don't know if i'll be on much longer. I can't believe I am saying these words but I'm most likely quitting.
  4. Yes. The reason being...I have too much problems in my life right now. I lost my best friend. My best friend who is such a sweet girl and is gullible. She is too kind and gullible so she believes anything someone tells her. My enemy befriended and told her several mean things about me, and my enemy sounded pretty convincing if you asked me. Yes, I know what you're thinking. My BFF is probably not my BFF because I broke off all connections with her. I deleted her from msn, unfollowed her from twitter, and deleted her number from my phones. That's one year of my life I wasted. -.-
  5. And then, another family member might die and whatever. I try not to take it on because I have exams but death affects me badly. o.O Sometimes I feel lost, like I don't belong in this world, you know what I mean? I wouldn't lie to you. There are times I look at myself in the mirror, completely clueless as why am i here on earth? what is my name? who am i? why do i look this way? what is my purpose in life? Those questions haunt me and I don't know what to do xD
  6. The reason I wanna say goodbye is because I wanna get away from everything, every single thing and just sit and think. I did of course do that several times and it never solved anything. Time just made a fool of me. My night hasn't fallen like a blanket like others. It has fallen roughly like rocks. Yes, I am grateful for what I have. I have my parents, my loving brother who I would die without. Without my brother, I can't live. He's 23 and I love him to death. He's everything I ever needed in a brother, he's perfect. I am not saying this because I am his sister, i am saying this because it's the truth. I love him a lot.
  7. There are also times I feel like a loser. Like I'll never be normal. People call me "talentless" "useless" "hopeless" because I sit and write my feelings. Write meaning songwriting, essays, poems, sometimes even a three hundred page book. It's who I am so why do they judge me? Why am I discriminated? When I am feeling very emotional, I would just sing my lungs out with a song at the top of my head, original of course and i feel better later or sometimes when I'm angry I would vent out my anger on my drums. When I feel magical, I play the guitar and piano. That's normal for people so why do they think I am different? I'm a regular girl facing the challenges of life, finding my way. I have one dream and it's to be discovered.
  8. You may think I am full of myself, no I am not. I hate myself a lot. I curse the day I was born because I feel like a burden, like everyone hates me. Oh well. Gotoquizers, you guys are everything to me, my inspiration. You prayed for me when I was in the hospital, you helped me when I was down. Now, it's hard for me but I guess this might be my last quiz.
  9. You don't have to care, I was just telling you. I AM GRATEFUL and words can't express how emotional I am right now. I love you guys so much, even James_Bond and PuffBall and Missy Prissy Cat. I'll never ever ever forget ANY of you. You all will be with me wherever I go.
  10. This last question, might be our last moment. As I leave today, I want to say, all that you have given me, will always stay true. I will always be believing there aren't all mean people out there, there are wonderful caring people. This might be: Goodbye. Sincerely, Aria.

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