Goodbye...part 25

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This is the final part of Goodbye...but look out for 50 ways to say goodbye... or without the '...' It will be the battle and after!! I hope you enjoy

Created by: singin234
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  1. I froze as Beth lunged at me; quickly I spun on my heel and ran. I have an army of elves chasing me, along with Ashley, Beth and Jess. This is all in my mind as well; can’t I make a shield or something? “Rosella must die” They all chanted behind me, who knew elves could ran so fast? They chased me back down the hall then I ran though some light.
  2. Rosella was running right to Zach, was a door of light appeared before her and she jumped it. I might as well go after her, Zach thought keeping this eyes on the foul smelling monster. As it lunged at him, Zach jumped over it and ran thought the door as well. After him came all the elves, Ashley, Beth and Jess.
  3. “It’s almost midnight” Jev told Chris tying to stay awake this time. He had already let Chris down once; he didn’t want to do it again. Chris nodded and looked down at the lake they were about to swim in. (Me: go to part 24 for the picture of the lake) Jev and Chris took a deep breath and dived down into the lake. They quickly got to the middle of the lake and got sucked into the portal.
  4. “I am dead” Dane screamed but no one seemed to hear him, there was no way he could ever live again. It’s like Raven told me, Dane thought as he looked at his own body lying lifeless on a bed. He swiped his hand through it. Nothing, his hand went right thought and he could feel nothing. He could hardly even feel his own emotion. Looking at his hands he could still see them like his body, “Your soul doesn’t take shape though” he whispered to himself. “Yes but if you want to stay like that you can or you can form back into just nothing” a voice told him. Raven!! He thought
  5. “Dane,” Raven whispered and her human body disappeared and in front of Dane was Raven but dead. “Now that we are dead we can just teleport there” Raven told him, they both closed their eyes.
  6. I woke to see a pool of blood around me. I am scared, really scared. I didn’t have time to wonder why there was blood, but Zach would wake up any moment. Channing but into my true look not Hazel, I stared running. Down the hall I could only hear my own footsteps echoing in my ears, thankfully I ran into no one. Finding a cave nearby like the one in my mind, I slowly walked in no one. Letting out a small sigh someone coved my mouth. “Shh it’s just Jev, Chris, Dane and Raven” Chris whispered to me, I turned around to see them all. I looked at Dane who I could see right though. “Dane,” I gasped “your dead” I put my hand over my mouth and he mumbled something. “We don’t have time for that” Raven told me. We all nodded “What down” Jev asked, clueless like normal. “We fight” I told them. Things were about to change...
  7. That's the end of Goodbye...!
  8. That was the end of Goodbye...Now look out for '50 ways to say goodbye...' Or with the '...' I dont know yet.
  9. '50 ways to say goodbye...' Is going to be the battle and after. So look out for that!!
  10. The end...for now

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