Goodbye...part 19

{So thanks for taking it. End of part 19! Please comment.I still don't know what this ending will be. QUESTION: What Charcter do you like the most???????}.

{So thanks for taking it. End of part 19! Please comment.I still don't know what this ending will be. QUESTION: What Charcter do you like the most???????}

Created by: singin234
  1. "Who" Dane asked surprise, I made ne wonder if we can trust him. "Raven" I sang, all of the sudden a bright light was right in front of me. Then as the light faded, I saw Raven. But not in ghost form, like she was before but a human body. A huge smile was on her, she ran up and hugged me. "I have a body, but only until we kill Zach. Then I guess-" "Raven" Dane cut her off. They stared into eachothers eyes and not dreamily. But in hate, a passion of hate. "Look let's put the past aside, for now" Jev said eyeing Chris. This wasn't good. Dane and Raven don't get along. Chris and Jev don't get along. Jev and Chris don't get along with Dane. Dane doesn't get along with them. I am the person holding them together. "Yeah let's" I said cheerfully, ibgoring the fact that they all don't look happy. "Whatever" They all said together, I felt like the odd one out. I had always been the odd one out. ~"Daddy, play with me" I said pulling him along. First day of preschool. Ashley walked behind with mother, both wearing pink pretty dresses and I wore Jeans and a T-shirt like My father. The other girls wearing dressed steed at me. "I am going to have to leave, be good" Dad told me sweetly, his eyes Showed pain. Hurt, I nodded "Alright Daddy, I'll play by myself" I told him. He looked surprised, "Why not with the other kids" He asked. I looked over at Ashley who had all the girls around her. Then a boy with golden blond hair and light blue eyes came up to me. He looked my age, three. "I'll play with you" He told me holding out his hand. I smiled "Okay, Bye daddy" I waved and ran off with him~ that boy, he must of been...Jev.
  2. I didn't say anything, "So Raven what does Zach like" I asked her. Everyone's eyes were on me. "Death, pain, blood-" "I meant in girls" I cut her off. She looked slightly surprised but went on. "Evil, he likes auburn hair with green eyes the most. Don't ask me how I know that. She has to be wicked, will do anything he says and is not good" I nodded, I could shape shift. I hope.
  3. "So how long with it take to get to his hide out" I asked Dane. He bite his lip "Three days" He told us. "THREE DAYS" We all shouted. Three Days stuck with the fighting. "Hey this isn't like in a movie okay, this is real life" Dane told us. It was true, maybe i could teleport. "Okay see you at Xach's, I'll teleport. If we all turn up on the same day, something will be up. He'll know that" I told them. I didn't think I would spend my birthday like this. "Okay bye" The all said plainly. I changed into a girl with Auburn hair and Green eyes, I had a small nose and I look perfect. Tan skin, I was wearing a black dress. I hope this works, I say and teleport.
  4. I ended up in Zach's room, he was siting on his bed. Black and grey everything, red and purple pillows. "Sorry I have to get my teleoporting right" I said in a different voice, it was a wicked voice. Zach stood up and came closer to me, "What do you want" he asked me icily. I really hadn't thought this though. "I want to help you get Rosella...Bellson"
  5. "How do you know about her, why do you want her" Zach asked me. He knew something is up. "Well I want to kill her, like you. I know about her-well let's just say she need to die" I told him, I hope it sounded evil. I walked over to the bed and sat on it, it was rock hard. "Fine you can help, you can sleep on the floor" He told me. I frowned "That's so nice of you" I told him bitterly. I did feel tried, I leaned back on Zach's bed and close my eyes.
  6. ~music played, loudly. "Saven it for later when I am too ticked to talk. Need sometime to search my mind..." The music played. I was in the middle of a forest, alone. A twig snapped behind me and I spun around to see Raven. "R-" I cut myself off, what happens if Zach knows what's going on in this dream. "Who are you" I asked. The she turned into Zach, "So you are evil" Zach told me. I nodded "Umm....Yeah" I told him. The a bright light surround me. Zach garbbed my hand and dragged me away from the light. "They will make you good," Zach told me
  7. "Not you, not like they did Raven" Zach told me. Then Zach ran into Brad, this Is all in my Dream."Hey Zach, I herd you killed Rosella's family, even Ashley. Nice" Brad told him. evil. My family is dead? I kept my tears back, just for now. "Brad we got to run, they are after-" "Hazel" I told him and we stared running again with Brad. "Now we kill Rosella. She thinks I am good, that fool" Brad told us laughing. Zach laughed along and so did I. I really was a fool.
  8. "Hey how do we get out" I asked as we stopped running. Zach put his arm around me and leaned his head on my shoulder. "About that," He said laughing "We are stuck in your mind"
  9. That's the end of part 19!
  10. {So thanks for taking it. End of part 19! Please comment.I still don't know what this ending will be. QUESTION: What Charcter do you like the most???????}

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