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  • I am going to say Jev is my favourite character and Rosella as well. I figured the flirty one was evil. As for Brad... he wasn't my type so this'll be cake. I'm writing this on my phone which is why it's short but nice twists. Why is Brad evil though?

    Missy Prissy Cat
  • I don't know! The characters I thought were good are turning bad... maybe Jev? :) Or I'll say Rosella is my favourite, I know she's good XD

    PS what's going to happen next? TELL ME :P

  • Ok before we get going... i didn't read this part 19.... sadly im still so far at 9.... reading.... it's just.... YOUR A HORRIBLE AUTHOR!! HOW COULD YOU MAKE ME PEE MY SHORTS! Whe Ashley came and.. and.... i somehow had to go pee and well.... YOUR WRITING MADE ME PEE MY SHORTS!! UGHHHH!

  • Ooh cool ending! Um... I dont have x favourite if I'm honest the characters are all interesting! ;)

  • Do u hate me or something? U made my 2 fav guys evil! :'( why? My NEW favorite guy is jev though.

    Llama lover
  • CHRIS!!!


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