Goodbye...part 9

So today we had 'Rock the schools' It was sooo great!! My friends got their iPods singed by the hot guy. No really everyone was calling him hot. He was

Smiling at us. I had to remind my friend that she is too young for him. So am I!! They signed my poster, one wrote 'You Rock xx' On my poster. My friend asked why he Didnt write that. On her's. Sorry I am so happy!

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  1. ~Must read~ Okay this will be done by Brad's POV. I want to leave why's happening to Rosella a mystery well I might end up telling you! I have already done Chris and the girls are at school.
  2. Rosella gasped for breath, "Brad" She asked. I walked to her and smiled "Yes" I asked as nice as I could. Rosella seemed confused "How did you find me" She asked looking around. She was in the park, it was about ten at night. We only had the light of the street light to see. I smiled "Well I guess I should start from the start" I told her sitting next to her. I stared recalling what happened in my head.
  3. That girl seemed almost, no human. Rosella and her twin, she hadn't come to school today. Ashley hadnt as well, are they wagging? Maybe, knowing Ashley but Rosella Seems like the type of girl that wouldn't. Everything will fall into place and the puzzle will be completed, well that's what Jem told me. I felt my soft hair as I walked home, it's not raining but it's overcast. When those twins came every day it seemed to rain. I could see some girls giggling and pointing at me. I frowned at them, "How rude" One of the said. I turned away and smiled. "Shut up he will hear you" another snapped. I chucked, who dumb human girls can be. I kept walking, no use of stopping. Then I realized I had walked myself to Rosella's house. I only know where she lives because I was going after Dreak and she came here. I peered in the window, Nothing but darkness. I kept walking, what was I doing looking on the window anyway? I found myself walking without knowing where I was going. My legs wanted me to go somewhere. Then a call made me jump, it about three fifty in the afternoon on a Thurday. I looked at the called 'Jem' I let it ring. She is no one important. Only somebody that a used to know. Somebody, I use to know. I shook my head, now I have that song in my head. I hate that when it gets stuck it your head it's hard to get out. Not thinking I press answer. "Told you long enough" Jem screamed into the phone. I put it to my ear and kept walking. Don't people say hello anymore? "What do you want" I snapped kicking a rock. I went tumbling along the path. "What are you doing, what about the meeting" She asked in rage. I really hadn't felt like it, I kicked the same rock as I came up to it. "Oh I forgot" I told her, I would of said I don't care but you don't want to get on her bad side. I watched the rock at it rolled off the path and into the road. "You forgot," She sighed. She always forgives me, we don't know why. "Oh well goodbye" She hanged up before I could say anything. What was the point of that call? Anyway where am I?
  4. I found myself looking at a park. No kids where there and it was next to a forest. I watched as the swings moved in the wind, that had picked up. It seemed forgotten, empty, nothing like people had just left it and never came back. No litter was on the ground, the trees of the forest was tall and straight. I had herd stories that people go into the forest and never come out. Like that's tire anyway. I sat down on the wing just as my phone rang...again. I answer the phone not caring who it is. "What-" "Rosella, it's Rosella. She gone, we must find her. Ashley has taken her we must get her back. Someone got Ashley to use her powers, Jess. Why didn't Aria get Rosella to use her's-" Jem screamed into the phone. I could feel my face go pale as she said Rosella is gone. "Whoa slow down, calm down. What do you want to do" I asked her, I really didn't want to to this."Rosella was taken by Ashley. I know this because I saw Ashley and Jess taken her to the old house. Rosella does not know about her powers and if she finds out the plan is ruined" Jem said calmly and slowly. I felt a wave on panic go though me, we must get Rosella. "Got it, Get Rosella. Bye bye" I said and hanged up. I can't go to the house alone. I will need back up. Only one person came to mind...Chris.
  5. I called Chris's number, I can't believe I know it off by heart. I hate the guy, he hates me but he somehow are always thrown together. By fate and somehow Rosella just got twisted into our fates. "What is it" Chris said plainly. So he knows it is me. I stared walking around the park, "Rosella has been taken, if you didn't know" I told him. "What you let this happen," Chris said in surprise. He didn't seemed mad, until what happened next. "You let her get taken, it was your turn. I do Monday, Tuseday, Firday and Sunday. You only do three days" He yelled in rage. I could feel fear going though me, I could picture his eyes. That were usually Violet, that always seemed sad, loney, depressed and lost in thought. Would now me turning into a deeper purple were it's red but purple at the same time. (me: I know there is a colour like that but I am taking about something different) They always seemed full of rage, anger and sometimes the passion to kill. "They it was by Ashley okay" I told him, it wasn't my fult. How could I know that Ashley would do that, maybe Jess?
  6. "Where are you" Chris asked. I could picture his eyes going back to violet. I but my lip "I have no idea" I sighed. This noise of a tree shaking was in the backround. He must of head his head on the tree. "You idiot, go to the forest where people don't come back from" he told me. I smiled "Ten steps and I am there" I told him standing still about ten steps in front of the forest. "Okay I see you soon" Chris told me and hanged up. I sighed, I just hope Rosella is okay. No one likes playing with a broken toy.
  7. Chris was soon over. Quickly on his motorbike, well Dreak's. We walked to the house, "you first" I offered. I planed of slipping away. Chris pushed me first, what's his problem? We walked down a long hall until he got to the main room. Chris and I had been here before, this place is not stranger to us. Rosella was lying on the floor, sleeping. It was like a place ou would see in a movie. Fire place, rocking chair, red floor, cream walls. It sad like that but two big red chair in front of the fire place but facing side ways and back. Ashley and Jess were sitting in those chairs. "Hello boys, took you long enough" They said together in a childish scary voice. Well humans would think it is scary or Rosella. Ashley was wearing a long red dress with black hairs. Jess wearing a black dress with red nails. Their hair was the same way as well. "Is Kacela evil" I asked Jess without thinking. "Not yet" Ashley and Jess teased together. Like they were twins themselves. "We need Rosella back, its not time" Chris told them hashly. I nodded in agreement, at lest Chris is on my side...for this. "But you all ready figured it out," They said together again. It was really annoying. "All by herself" They both us. They were standing up. Chris didn't looked surprised, but why was I? "So what, you haven't given her a fair chance. She hasn't chosen you or me not even Brad. There are other choises. Oh and let's not forget them..." Chris told everyone. We all knew what me meant. "Alright" They sighed, "But she will remember me using my powers on her" They both said. Even Jess but it was really Ashley talking to us. I picked up Rosella. "Goodbye" They said as we walked away. "Come again" So they really are the lost twins. I thought as I looked at Rosella sleeping peacefully in my arms. "Take her to the park, you can't see us two together. Make up some story. A lie, your good at making up lies" Chris told me and passed me the motorbike keys. Then he left. I knew to give it to Dreak, I always do.
  8. Rosella woke up, late a night. Still in the park. Rosella gasped for breath, "Brad" She asked. I walked to her and smiled "Yes" I asked as nice as I could. Rosella seemed confused "How did you find me" She asked looking around. She was in the park, it was about ten at night. We only had the light of the street light to see. I smiled "Well I guess I should start from the start" I told her sitting next to her. I stared recalling what happened in my head. "Well you fell over and hit you head. Your mum and dad doesn't know and you called me over to yours. I was giving you the homework. Then that's when you fell then I took you here for air" I made up. I had been making it up all night and that was the best I had. "But Ashley-" "Wagging school with Jess" I cut her off. This was the best lie I could come up with. Rosella laughed nervously "Sounds like her, please take me home" She begged me. I smiled, I couldn't take her home. "Just sleep" I told her. I was taking her to Chris's. It's the only place she will be safe. Away from me, Away from everyone one. Really what's happening is tonight Rosella will get a vision. Well more like finding out her life Before she was six. Because when she was little, they erased her mind. Well most of it.
  9. That'd the end of part 9!
  10. That part was longer. I hope you liked it. THANK YOU ALL!! Calypso, xxbutixx and Missy Prissy Cat. Sorry if I spelt you user name wrong it's 9:15PM and mum makes he go to bed at 7:30 every night so I am tried. THANK YOU Missy Prissy cat, reading you comment make me so happy. Thank you so much!

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