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  • *blinks twice* can someone explain to me what just happened? *shakes head* Okay okay, let me just process this for a second. Ashley kidnapped Rosella, Jem (whoever she is) yelled at Brad because for some reason they take shifts watching her house, Chris yelled at Brad (lots of yelling at Brad in the part, I feel sorry for the guy), they both go to Ashley and Jess's house or where ever they are and they explain that she needs to make a choice, so Brad takes her to the park and tells her she basically had a stroke or something... DAM can we get part 10 please? Some answers with a side of WTF would be nice, oh and a glass of water for me to spit it out every two seconds. Thank you, my compliments to the chef she's cooking up something great, I can tell :D

    Missy Prissy Cat
  • Oh my... the plot thickens... like split pea soup... mmm I like split pea soup :3 *snaps back to focus* wow... what I was left with at the end is a feeling that this will be a good explanation, the thought that Ashley is freaking psychotic o.e (and that's not to mention Jess... sheesh, creepy), and "Someone I used to Know" stuck in my head >.< PART 10 PLEASE, I ist dying in not knowing o.o

    P.S. my user name gets spelled wrong all the time, it's no biggie XP I guess we're equal since I spelled your user name wrong that once >.< gah

  • i love this series! the twins are demented o____e but this is so good! i luf chrisss XD


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