Goodbye...part 8

Okay part 8!! Quizzes you should read: Life between magic and boys, Teenage chronicle, Don't leave me hanging, Somebody special, Don't you hate high school,

Aria's quizzes, Remember the future, Black rose and more that's just a few to name. The ones that came off the top of my head. Also Who will fall for you, They love me and Don't leave me hanging.

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  1. I tried to open the house, it's locked. Great now I am stuck out in the rain! That Dreak, thats his deal? Jess I want to slap her so badly!! I sigh, it's been a big two days and tomorrow is...I feel my eyes start to close. I know I shouldn't fall asleep outside but I am so tried...{Dream} The snow fell from the sky, I looked up amazed. "It's so pretty and cold" I must be like three or four maybe five. A herd a laugh "Yes, that's why we wear gloves" That I look behind me to see Dreak. A snowflake falls onto My hands, I was wearing purple gloves. "Where is Ashley, I have to show her" I said turning fully around to face Dreak. V"Ashley is at a friend" Dreak said spitting out the words. "That's alright, I have you. The best-" I was cut off my screaming. "Stay here" Dreak told me as he ran as fast as lighting into the forest. "A vampire" I whispered and looked up at the sky. It was raining red snow. The someone knocked me out {Awake} I flung open my eyes, I was in my room. I slowly walked down stairs on the cold hard floor. I tip toed not wanting to wake anyone. "Rosella," A voice said that I didn't know. I spun around to see...
  2. Nothing. I blinked, "I thought I herd something" I whispered and kept walking. Everything was dark, I could see shadows in the darkness. I looked at the clock, the numbers glowed green. 4:00AM. I usually would be tried but something is keeping me awake. I am filled with fear, why did I think Dreak was vampire. Vampires were only made up, twilight. (me: Sorry to put in Twilight but I have to say it's so fake) But then I did want to believe, what if vampires are real? "Rosella" A girls voice said giggling. Her voice was kidish and scary in that way. I turned to where the noise had come from. Are ghosts real? "Rosella" The voice said again. I shut my eyes and put my hands over my ears. The voice said it over and over again. "Rosella" Another voice said. I quickly opened my eyes to see Ashley, she was half asleep. She had turned on the light "What's going it's like four am," she turned off light, "go to bed" Ashley told me. She walked away, leaving me in the darkness. Somehow the darkness felt like home, waiting in the shadows. I lied down on the ground, it was hard but it didn't matter. I took my hair out and let it rest on my shoulders as I looked up at the celling. I really didn't want to go to school, Jess will be there. I close my eyes, a image flashed into my mind. It was Ashley. Wearing a long red dress with black nails. In the voice I herd beofore she said "I am coming back for you" I opened my eyes in fear. I not going back to sleep!
  3. I stayed awake, I didn't dare close my eyes. That dream, that voice, that image and my thoughts all seemed to it together. But my puzzle is not done yet, I need more answers. I didn't want to go to school, at six I had sneaked up into my room. I going to fake sick, I have got away with it so mantly times. "Rosella," Dad's voice asked from the other side of the door. "Yes" I said weakly then coughed. This is just too easy! "Sweeite do you want to go to school," He asked. Good old dad, he is a life saver. He oowned the door and I shook my head, faking another cough. "Is it because You got slapped in the face" He asked. I let my mouth hang open, I can't believe Ashley. That little monester. I bit my lip and shook my head. "okay then. I'll go to the book store and get you some books to read" Dad left and I smiled. I just love him so much. But who told him about me getting slapped. I rolled into my side and looked out the window. It was pouring down with rain, like the last two days. Is it ever sunny here? Is magic real? I asked myself out of nowhere. If Ashley is really evil and has powers, she might not know it could she make it rain? Or if I had powers because I am her sister, could I make it rain because I am sad? I laughed at myself in my head, "I must be going crazy" I whispered and shut my eyes. Being crazy might not be a bad thing, after all the best kind of people are crazy.
  4. Time seemed to fly by, it had been half an hour and dad was back with five books. "Thanks dad" I said weakly, I cant wait to read them. "I know your not sick, I not dumb but you nearly fooled me. Up to when I closed the door I could see from a crack you were smiling" He told me. I blushed, Maybe I should not of smiled. "Thanks" I said and took the books. (me: The names of the books are: Life between magic and boys, Teenage chorcnicle, Remember the future, Don't leave me hanging, Don't you hate highschool and Somebody special) When I had read the first two I stared on number three. It was so amazing. Getting ready for Prom then awhile later they are in a strangers car! It was well written like the other two I had just read.(me: sorry this is boring, just keep reading) I wad told that I am a fast reader. Halfway though the book the doorbell rang. Dad wasn't home, mum was somewhere, Ashley at school so that left me. It might be just a man selling stuff. I hate when they come and knock on your doors. I open to the door quickly, without looking at the person. Or letting me look up, I get hugged. Then I dripped backwards andended up on the ground, with someone on me. What can I say? I not good on my feet. "Oww" We both said at the same time. "Your alive" The person said. I knew who it was. His smell, his voice, it was the one and only Chris. "Chris" I cried in surprise. He quickly got off me and shut the door. "Why aren't you at school, people could think your dead you know" He yelled at me, like a father would. I held back my smile and laughter "Or they could just think that I am sick or wagging. Like normal people" I pointed out. I told Chris before, he is jot like everyone else. Shame of he was. No one said anything, "What are you doing here" I asked him. He looked speechless not even caring that he was in my house at school time. Wow my life is turning out to be crazy.
  5. "Well I thought you were dead" He said in in a innocent voice. I would of laughed but I made me think of the image of Ashley and that voice that is her's. "Please don't speak like that and please get out" I told him as me head felt like it was on fire. Chris forwned, "Fine" he snapped and walked out. It was my house, well my families why would he want to stay?
  6. I fell to the ground. My heart feels like it's getting ripped out. I tired to scream but nothing came out. I could hear the sound of Chris driving away. I wanted to yell Chris. Then before I closed my eyes I could hear the voice. "I told you I was coming" I could see a pair of shoes and then I look up to see...
  7. A face a knew well. I gasped, I was looking at....Ashley.
  8. That's the end of part 8!
  9. SORRY, SORRY!! okay there could of been more in this. Yes it could of been better! I promise, part nine will be better. I know I said that about part 8!!!!!!!!!!!!! SORRY!! I hope you still liked part 8. Keep reading, what I am going to say next
  10. Part nine 1. Will have more in it 2. Will be better 3. Won't be boring 4. Will reveal Things So please keep reading. Sorry about this part it was crappy. Sorry about it! I can't stop saying sorry!!

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