Goodbye...part 15

Hey~ Thank you for taking this! Please comment, no one put a comment last time. I have to amit I felt pretty sad, so I still wrote this one to see if you all still like it.

If you don't I guess I won't go on. It's a shame as well. It's my birthday (2 of June) and I really enjoyed making these. Well what's meant to be will be right?!?!

Created by: singin234
  1. {Must read} I like the number 15 so in this one it is done in the past. It is the day you died.
  2. I walked downstairs to the dining room, a bad thing about being a princess is that you have to be nice, neat and always on time. I nice but sometimes you just want to slap someone, being neat is really hard for me and I can't be on time all the time. That's why I think Ashley should be queen. She is all those things and she has always been prettier than me. Everyone says so, well in their thoughts. I have these powers I don't think Ashley has them. "Rosella," Bing tells me. Bing is a bird that can talk to me, well I understand animals. "Breakfast is jam and toast. Better run, better run" Bing tells me. We named him Bing because he always says 'Bing' I nod at Bing and rush out the door. I don't like jam, at all. With pancakes I like butter, with toast I like honey or butter well both. Never a jam fan, never was I guess. I ran out to the garden, Mia plants all these wonderful flowers. Rose's, Lily's, Daisy's and other flowers. I stop at the redest rose, beautiful and breathtaking. I felt sorry for all the other flowers, not being like the redest rose. One day the rose will fade and be reaplaced. Is life so easy to be replaced? By someone else,by someone better? I lightly brush my finger on it's petal. It's a cold sunny moring, frosty but the sun gives some warmth. "Rosella," A voice said mockingly "shouldn't you be eating inside. You should always wear shoes when outside as well" The voice told me and laughed. I looked down at my feet "I knew I forgot something," I told him laughing. I hadn't noiced that I was wearing no shoes. The voice laughed, it belonged to the one and only Chris. I spun around to see him, his black hair was messy and his violet eyes gleamed cheerfully. "What are you doing here" I asked him letting out a small laugh. Chris walked to me, he our two rings on a necklace. I couldn't see the rings, he hid them under his shirt. They have 'Chris' and 'Rosella' carved in them. So people don't know we are in love, poor Jev. I told me he loves me and I told him I like someone else. Which isn't really true, I still like Jev but Chris more. "Seeing you," Chris replied, then he looked to the side behind me. "Ashley alert, go to go little rabbit" Chris told me in this stance voice, I laughed and remembered why I love him. Love is a strong word, like more than a friend is when you are dating someone for the frist three months. Well love is when you would give up your life for them, want to spend the rest of life together. Things like that, people miss use love. "Bye Chris," I said as he walked away. "Be safe" I called, I just watched my love walk away but he will be back. He always comes back...
  3. "What was he doing here" Ashley asked bitterly as he walked away. I shrugged, like I could tell her the truth. It would be the end of the world or something like that. I find it hard to believe Ashley would let me marry Chris. It's not because she wants Chris it's because he (is)nt " right" for me. They don't know the way that he pokes me playfully in the side, how he wishpers sweet words into my ear to make me smile. Or how me tells me stories and strokes me hair. He makes me want to break the rules, I run away with him, I'll do anything for him. But that brings me back to Jev, who always the nice guy. Jev is who they want me to marry. He is a prince but he has lost faith and hope to Jess. Jess used to be his lover, his hope, his dream and his escape fom me. "Rosella, you spaced out. You alright" Ashley asked me shaking my shoulders. Her voice seemed distant but this bad feeling in me was growing. Somethig bad is going to happen, I can feel it.
  4. "Yeah I am fine" I told Ashley, forcing a smile to my face. More lies, what's wrong with me? I have been lying to the ones I love, but Chris. I never knew my mother and Father, they dissapered when I was young. So my older brother Dustin rules, we in both ways. Only a year older than us, he is going on a adventure but in the mean time one of us will become queen. One of us....
  5. (me: I am going to re-write the death bit) "Here we will go for a walk in the forest for some air" Ashley told me, she lightly garbbed my arm and dragged me into the forest. "We should get rid of Chris, he's annoying" Ashley told me shaking her head. She really doesn't like Chris. I put my hand on my pocket, there is my ring that says Chris. "I don't want to get rid of him" I told her softly, she looked puzzled. I hope I didn't make it sound like I love him. "Why not, one of us is going to be queen soon. know then maybe," she stared thinking and I bit my lip. Don't say I am his lover!! Please. "Your his lover" Ashley told me in surprise. How did she find out. I wanted to run but I froze, my legs wouldn't move. Everything has gone wrong.
  6. Then a sharp pain was in my back, ripping though my flesh. I didn't have time to think, I was on the ground. Gasping for breath, I could feel my heart beat faster. I tried to slow my breathing down and not talk. I looked over at Ashley, she was dead. I felt scared, I didn't want to die like this. Then I felt my head getting up in someones lap. "Something has gone wrong This wasn't meant to happen" A voice said. Wasnt meant to happen, we weren't meant to die? "We will give them a secdon chance but only this time they won't get along" The voice went on. I could feel my pain go away and before I dissapered I managed to get out "Thank you"
  7. Thats the end of part 15!
  8. ITS MY BIRTHDAY DAY TODAY! I am 12, yes! I really hated being 11, everyone kept saying "your too young" But being 12 night be better. Even known year 6 Is staring off the be the wost year of my life.
  9. {I just want to put this in, it has nothing to do with the story} I hummed quietly to myself, as I slowly walked to school. It really was a skip, you would think a girl like me would be sad. My mother just died three weeks ago, I was going to stay with my pop but he is going on a holiday and the house is getting repaired. So I am living in a tent in the middle of the woods. I look beside me to see a house, I was new around the aera. I only had been living here for a week. One loney week, I don't know how I am still alive. I slowly make my way to the house, there are little painted animals on the step. "Oh there so cute" I said to myself peering down at them. It's like the animals in the story. Only he forgot the cat. "Oh it's strange to find a strange girl on the door step" A guy said coming out of the house. He looked about twenty or older. I am only 13. "Oh I am sorry. I was on my way past and I just saw theses. They are so cute but you forgot the cat" I told him looking down at the little animals. "Oh so you know the story" He asked, I nodded. "Yes my mother told me it when I was a kid-" I cut myself off because standing at the door was...him.
  10. ...

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