~A Niall Horan Love Story Chp. 3~ The Guys!

Hi, people who is now currently taking this love series! ^-^ I hope you'll enjoy part three! (Which is this part!) And the others! >:3 heheh... Now, carry on!

Hi, people who is now currently taking this love series! :) I hope you'll enjoy part three! (Which is this part!) And the others! :D Goodbye! Enjoy it! ~

Created by: IceySwirl
  1. ***Niall's P.O.V*** Yes! She's going! Now maybe I could make a move on her in a couple of days...
  2. "Well, lets go!" Harry said. "Wait, where?" you asked. "On a plane! Don't be silly!" Louis said smiling silly. "P-plane?" you stuttered. "Aw, don't worry! Niall will keep you safe!" Louis grinned. You could tell Niall was giving him a death glare. You nodded, and looked at Alyssa, who was staring at Harry. Harry notices and smiles.
  3. You guys walked (which was like 3 miles... heh heh...x3) 'till y'all reached the airport. You guys got on; Alyssa sat by Harry, Louis sat by Liam, Zayn wanted to take a nap in peace without no one messing with him so he sat alone, & of course you and Niall sat together because of SOMEONE. You all took a nap. Except for Louis. Uh, oh... Things are going to get bad.
  4. Louis started getting some stuff out his bag, which was full of prank stuff. He got some water and poured it down Zayn's pants to make it look like he'd peed himself. (LOL) Then he got a feather and some whipped cream. He put whipped cream on Harry's hand and tickled his nose with a feather & of course Harry fell for it. Now he has whipped cream on his face! He then got a whistel and ONLY blew it into Liam's ear. Liam woke up but Louis was hiding some where so he fell back asleep. Niall was last. You and Alyssa aren't because you two are girls, duh. So this is what Louis did, he got the both of you together (you & Niall hehe...) and made you both kiss "Smooch smooch smooch!" he shouted. Everyone woke up.
  5. Zayn looked at his pants, "What the..." Then Harry looked at his face in the mirror, "Dude..." Liam couldn't hear from his left ear, "You gotta be kidding me..." You and Niall woke up kissing each other. You both screamed. And there he was, Louis Tomlinson laughing his ASS off. "Louis!" you all shouted. "Hahaha, yes?" he asks trying not to laugh. "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY FACE?!" Harry says. Zayn added, "AND MY PANTS," Liam added, "AND MY LEFT EAR," "AND ME AND NIALL KISSING EACHOTHER!" you added lastly.
  6. "Guys calm down! Let me just explain everything." Louis said. Y'all stayed quiet and listened. "Okay, Harry, it was either getting your hair straightened or putting whip cream in your hand and making you hit your face with it." "Oh... Okay then..." Harry says going to the bathroom and rinsing his face off. "Zayn, it was either putting tea or water in your pants so I chose water." "Oh well at least it isn't tea." Zayn said going to his suit case and got a new pair of pants. "Liam, I could've just blowed the whistel into both of your ears but I just done it in one." "WHAT?" Liam asks loudly. "Ugh, nothing." Louis says. "Now for you two," he says to you and Niall. "I made you guys kiss because you two are PERFECT for EACHOTHER." you and Niall looked at each other. "Yep, so goodnight!" Louis says sleeping.
  7. You rolled your eyes. A few minutes later, everyone was asleep but you and Niall. "Soo..." he says. "Soo...?" you said back. Niall was leaning in to kiss you until something stopped the both of you. And it was... CLIFFHANGER! xP
  8. xD So sorry, guys! I just had to.
  9. Hmm, let's see: I was lazy, and I was tired. So yeah. :P
  10. Okay, bye!

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