A one direction love story part 11

Hey! So this is the second to last part to my series! And I wanted to say thanks to everyone who reads my series! I love all of you to death! Bye! :)

**Re-cap** so in the last part you and Niall went on your date! You guys went to Yummy Chinese. But you saw him kissing someone there! You ran home, spraining your ankle, and watched people talk about you on the news. Then Niall came and told you he loved you. You forgave him and had a flour fight. Then your mom came in and then left you two alone! After eating Niall left to go home.

Created by: Jhawkgirl12

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  1. What's crackalackin my homie-gs! Lol, I just had to say that! Anywho thesis the second to last chapter to my series! Also image a new series called Super Love! So you should check that out! Have fun! ;)
  2. You open your eyes. You were in 1D's temporary house. You get off the couch and walk around. Nobody seemed to be home right now. "Hello?!" You yelled. Suddenly Louis walked out. "Hey honey. Who are you looking for?" Louis asks. "Where did you come from?" You ask. "Well I just finished work and so I thought I'd take my special wife out for dinner tonight." Louis says. Then he grabs your waist and pulls you close. He kisses you softly. Then you can't feel him anymore. "Louis?" You ask. You open your eyes to see Harry. "Louis? Love we haven't seen Louis since we were 17 or 18!" Harry says. "Okay. Seriously guys! What's going on?" Yo yell. "What are you talking about?" Harry asks. You shake your head. Then Harry takes your hand and pulls you into a long kiss. You two break away. You open your eyes to see Zayn though. "Zayn?" You ask. "I'm home!" Zayn yells. Then he picks you up and kisses you again. "Where we're you?" You ask. "Me and the old lads got together, remember?" Zayn asks. "I'm so confused right now." You reply. "well maybe I can help you with that over dinner?" Zayn asks. You give him a hug, squeezing him tight. Then you pull away. Instead of Zayn, it's Liam. You scream. "____! Are you feeling okay?" Liam asks worriedly. "Yeah. You just scared me." You reply. "But you and me have been cooking in the kitchen for like an hour together." Liam says. "Maybe you should go lay down." Liam says. He carries you upstairs and lays you down on the bed. He kisses you forehead. Then when he pulls away you see that it's not Liam anymore. Instead it's Niall. "Niall?" You ask. "Yes princess?" He asks. "What's going on?" You ask. " What are you talking about? We were going to bed because it's 3:00 A.M." He replies. Then you nod and go to bed.
  3. You open your eyes. You look around expecting one of the guys, or all of them. But you see nothing but your room. It must have been a dream. You get up and do your usual routine. Your straightening your hair when you realize that today is your last day with the boys.  Your eyes tear up at that thought. Then you straighten up and call Niall. "Hey ____, what's up?" Niall answers. "So we are all going to hang out today, right?" You ask. "yeah! Just like the good old times!" Niall replies. "Okay. So ummm I guess I'll be over in like 15 minutes. Is that okay?" you ask. "Perfect. See you then!" Niall replies. Then he hangs up. You go eat some breakfast then start walking over to their house.
  4. Suddenly you are stopped by cameras and microphones. "_____! ______!" They all scream your name. "Get away!" You yell. You try to push past them but they just follow you. "So why are you trying to break up One Direction?" A reporter asks. You turn around to see Julia. "None of that's true!" You tell them. "But we have seen you with the boys. And Harry tells us that everyone is fighting over you! Is that true?" They ask. You just run away. You run all the way to their apartment. Fortunately Niall answers the door before the paparazzi catch up.
  5. You run over to Harry immediately. "What the hell Harry!" You yell. You wanted to slap him so bad, but you somehow hold it back. "_____. I know I did something bad, it's just-just-just..." Harry studders. "JUST WHAT?!" you yell while giving him the death stare. "Just, they followed me everywhere asking me about the 'Its complicated' thing. And so I just blew it." Harry says.
  6. You tear up and run upstairs into the first room you see is. You slam the door and lock it. You look around. It must have been Harry's room because it had pictures of himself all over the walls. Suddenly you see a picture of you and him walking into the horse drawn wagon. Your eyes tear up. Suddenly someone grabs your hand and turns you around.
  7. You see Harry. He pulls you into a kiss. You pull away and look away from him. "____. Please forgive me. None of us can bear to see you this way." Harry says. Then Louis, Zayn, Niall, and Liam walk in. The all nod. "Fine." You reply with a high voice, since you were crying. "GROUP HUG!" Louis yells. Then everybody comes into a giant group hug.
  8. Once you all split apart you all laugh. "Who wants to play truth or dare?" Louis asks. Everybody screams "Yeah!" at the same time. You all play truth or dare. Harry once again got dare to lick the bottom of your shoe. It was just like it was when all of you were at your house. Just how you liked it.
  9.  **Time Forward** You went to go get a water from the kitchen while the boys cleaned up some of the mess from playing twister. You open the fridge and grab a water bottle. When you go back into the living room al,the boys are sitting on the couch all serious. "What's going on?" You ask. "_____. We have something to ask of you." Liam says all sophisticated. "Yes. Please, take a seat." Zayn says. You give them a weird look then sit down next to Liam and Niall.
  10. "So ____." Harry says. "So....?" You ask curiously."You know how we are leaving and all." Louis says. You nod. "And how all of us are in love with you." Zayn says. "JUST SAY IT!" You scream. "it's time to pick!" Niall says fast. Suddenly you start to cry. All the boys comfort you. You knew what you were going to do...
  11. CLIFFHANGER!!! So I know this part was kinda crap but in the next part you get your results! Oh and also the results don't count on this one! That's why I did crappy answers! Bye! Part 12! ;D

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