Thanking GTQ Users {Aria's}

Aria here. (: This quiz is to thank gotoquizere for being by my side every step of the way because they are all very very awesome. (Gotoquizers: Yes we are awesome!)

So I have three series. "A Simple Hogwarts Story" "Mysterious & Unexpected Events" "Noitect is Activated." If you want, please check it out. It won't take much time

Created by: Aria
  1. Erm...Hi there. My name is Aria as some of you may know. I am here to thank a few of our fellow gotoquizers. First of all, i would like to thank GOTOQUIZ itself. Gotoquiz is the reason we all are 'sisters and brothers across the sea.' We are like siblings under one household because of Gotoquiz. We bond, we laugh, we fight, we cry, we do everything together. We even support our sisters and brothers. If it wasn't for gotoquiz, I wouldn't even know you wonderful people. Each and everyone of you are special in your own way. Writing, reading, drawing, ANYTHING! I LOVE YOU GTQ. (:
  2. Okay firstly I would like to start off with thanking Jaime, who made a quiz for me, PuffBall, angelic4, TheRecklessBam, xxblutixx, Missy Prissy Cat, HogwartsLove, natuhleegayle, James_Bond, Ambrosia and all those who have ever made a quiz for me. I am sorry if I forgot anyone. Oh wait, and WTF_NINJA. She is someone I can't ever forget, not even if someone 'obliviate' me. (:
  3. Now to individual shout outs. Firstly to WTF_NINJA. Whoa, I'm having trouble with words. You are my crazy sister, my hyperactive friend who I can tell any craziness to, my twitter buddy, my PUMPKIN! Oops, sorry. Urm, WTF_NINJA and I have this thing where we act like Harry and Louis from One Direction, calling each other names xD She calls me boo bear and I call her pumpkin. We're straight though cuz I like a guy and she likes a guy. Just bringing clarification xD I've been through a very rough time and WTF_NINJA has been trying to bring me out of my depression. Thank you. Well since I'm definitely not good with words right now, I'll just say merci xD. xD
  4. Now to natuhleegayle. Oh dear lord, one of the best writers gotoquiz has seen. Very recognised. natuhleegayle, you have been my friend since last year, stood by my side and I've stood by your side. It feels like I've known you longer than my lifetime. You've shown me to be reasonable in CERTAIN stuff that I would NOT like to mention right now. You helped me with my first quiz series, and my second and third. You have supported me and I am grateful for getting to call you my friend. (:
  5. Now to TheRecklessBam. She dedicated a lot of quizzes for me, even made a quiz FOR me. I've been with her from the very first quiz when I didn't have an account but I made on and started to comment. Slowly we got each other's email and became really good friends. We are more than friends, we're sisters. We're VERY close sisters. We are inseparable. Oh dear Lord, I'm hearing a song on the radio on the piano that I can play. I wanna rush to the piano but that'll only make my little cousin play on the piano. She's 10 months and already a pro. Woohoo. ANYWAY! I'm straying. mean a lot to me. Maybe someday we can actually sign papers to say we're OFFICIAL sisters xD
  6. Additionally, singin234. You are so tiny, yet so powerful. A girl of twelve. Well I can admit, the both of us have been on gotoquiz for quite a while. I only started my ACCOUNT last year but I've always been rating quizzes and stuff before. You think I'm a role model *blush blush* Haha. Aw, you're just so sweet, bringing up my smile like that. You have no idea how nice it is, to know that when you come on gotoquiz, you have people to brighten up your tiresome day. I am very sorry about your step dad. He shouldn't be treating you like that. No one deserves that kind of treatment. Why haven't you call Child Services for him as yet? You are a kid, you have the POWER to do that. Just stay strong. I know what pain is, just remember that you can bless yourself. You are you, and that's what makes you beautiful. Now now, I hope people don't go all fan girl because I said 'what makes you beautiful.' xD singin234, I am very sorry if this is short, I just wanted to thank you for everything you've done for me.
  7. Okay so that's it.(audience: or is it now?) (me:shh!) Now I would like to have another moment of silence for Purrsephone, one of our fellow gotoquizers who died. She got hit by her horse, Monica and went into a coma and died. She needs peace now, but at least she's in a better place. You will always be in our hearts Purrsephone.
  8. Kai. Well I would like to talk about DEATH. There have been a lot of deaths going on and it's making me very sad. One of my very close friends, my ex died. His name WAS Aiden. He died at a young age. The reason for his death was..*breathes in and out repeatedly* me. He...committed...suicide because he couldn't be with me. He wrote a suicidal note telling his parents why he didn't want to live. Yesterday was the last day I saw him. He called me to go in the park and when I went, he gave me a ring that had 'A + (first letter of my name)' Although we weren't together, he still wanted to give it to me. After that, he ended up showing me where he used to cut himself for me, all the pain he went through. I felt so bad. He was one of my good friends. Why did he do this? Before he left the park, we kissed and hours later, his mother called "Aria, Aiden is dead. He....he...killed himself." I was starstruck. Why?! So he gave me a ring, showed me his pain, kissed me and then killed himself? What sense does that make? Can ANYONE please explain it to me in the comments. Kai. I'm crying.
  9. Now. Family and friends. Those happy moments with them, those are the times we have to cherish. We don't know when they would leave us. Just take a moment right now and tell your mom, or your dad, or whoever you live with and tell them you love them. It's meaningful. Those three words have a huge impact on people and we shouldn't over use it otherwise it would become like old chewing gum, ready to throw away and never be used again. Love is a strong thing, remember that. Your family only wants what is best for you, they LOVE you. Well...most family does. But you are loved by us, gotoquizers. We are each other's family. Remember that. We embarrass ourselves in front each other. The only that is missing, is we don't have a class to throw notes at each other. We're friends. But just remember, we are gotoquizer friends. The type of friends that will never leave. Never leave your side at all. But other friends will just carry you and never bring you back. We don't want that. I love you all so much, gotoquizers. I feel so repetitive ! xD Kai,well that's it. Bye
  10. xxblutixx. The last shout out is for you. Okay, don't ever think I would forget you. I did that on purpose so yeah. You have been through EVERYTHING with me, always listening to my rants, and so on. You have no idea how much that means to me. It means the world to me, just knowing that you take your time and write inspirational essays to me even though you don't like essays. Sometimes, I do think that the future is shiny but on times like these, I can't see the future. All I see is white fog, blinding flashes of light. What am I going to do if you're not there to quote an author? Who am I going to turn to if you're not there? You're my SAS. (xxblutixx: XD) SAS is our little secret. Should we tell gotoquiz? Kai. SAS means Sister Across the Seas. The amount of time you have been there for me is too much to recall. I've remembered everything you told me, everything that kept me going strong, putting a smile on my face, boosting my confidence. You showed me reasons to live. For thank, I thank you. No girl could ask for a better friend. I feel like I'm being cheesy but oh well. Without people like you in the world, I don't know what will happen. Our childhood will always remain in us right? xD Sharing my opinions and views on life, with you, has been nice. It's good to know that there's someone who understands me. Thank you xxblutixx (:

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