Prayers for Aria.

You all know the sweet girl who has been posting quizzes who brightens peoples day, show everyone the brilliant talented users on gotoquiz and done so much more! Well, she needs your help!

Please pray that what's happening to her is nothing serious and that she'll be back on with everyone who loves her and cares for her! If you don't know her pray for her anyways!

Created by: natuhleegayle

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  1. Hey guys, I know the title may be shocking but trust me, when I got this email. I didn't know what to say.
  2. So, at 9:50pm in my timezone, I received an email from @Ambrosia on @Aria's email account, who informed me that Aria is in the hospital because she swallowed a pin.
  3. I really didn't know how to react, my heart literally sank, I had to read that over a few times before I could actually respond back. Now, she asked me to create a quiz to inform all of you but I would have made this regardless.
  4. Now, please, you all know how sweet and genuine and truly amazing Aria is! I really don't know how she is right now, I JUST received the news myself but if you know her and hold her deep to your heart, please pray that what happened is merely nothing and that she will make a fast recovery!
  5. She is truly an amazing girl and you would recognize her from her sweet quizzes, giving everyone shout outs, people she admires, pep talks to people! She is one genuine kind girl!
  6. So, until Aria is well and back on gotoquiz. Leave a comment for her with your prayers, comments or anything in general hoping she makes a fast recovery or anything you wish to tell her! She deserves it!
  7. Please, if she doesn't mean that much to you; just pray she hopes she makes a recovery. Even if you don't know her, just hope she's alright in general!
  8. Aria, once you get back, I would like to say; welcome back and I hope you're making a fast recovery! You're truly an amazing girl and you were the first person to email me and one of my closest friends on gotoquiz!
  9. You have such a pure heart and you can always make someone smile! You know you can always rely on me for anything and I will always be there for you! I remember your love for Sean Biggerstaff aka Oliver Wood, he was all you can talk about the first few months we were talking, and it was sure a great laugh! I remember you showed people at you school my quizzes, and I couldn't thank you enough! I know you'll get through this. You're a strong girl!
  10. Please post your comments for Aria to see when she recovers! :)

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