what pretty little liar are you?

find out here, what pretty little liar are you from the smash hit T.V series and multible books. are you Emily, Spencer, Aria, Hanna, or even Alison.

pictures and secrets included ( didn't know what else to say )

Created by: melinda
  1. do you know alot of other peoples secrets, even before they do?
  2. have you ever spotted someone do somthing really embarassing?
  3. could your biggest secret ruin your (or someone else's) life?
  4. what would you do if you best friend did something to embarrass you on purpose?
  5. have you ever even thought about death?
  6. would you befriend the lamest kid in school?
  7. have any of your friends died?
  8. have you even seen the show, or read the books?
  9. what is your crush like?
  10. what kind of books do you read?

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Quiz topic: What pretty little liar am I?