What Pretty Little Liar Are You?

have u ever wondered, what pretty little liar am i? mweeheehee i wanna know? am i hannah? the bratty popular girl or am i spencer a big overachiever??

maybe aria? the artsy misfit. of emily, the silly little girl who loves swimming? who could u be? we all wonder weird things and now i have the answers!!

Created by: Aubrey
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. theres a big party 2maro night. what do you wear?
  2. are you strait?
  3. whats your fave activity?
  4. pick 1
  5. you see a kid fall down on the street what do you do?
  6. your fave animal is
  7. fave sport:
  8. do people intimidate you?
  9. chainsaw
  10. did u like this quiz

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Quiz topic: What Pretty Little Liar am I?